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2nd Edition – Listen Up!

New Edition of “Listen Up”

Kittie Watson and Larry Barker’s hallmark book, “Listen UP” is being released in a new edition this year.

Listening - dog holding ear to listenThis groundbreaking, practical book explains:

  • Why the listener, not the speaker, controls the conversation
  • The four basic listener styles – People-, Action-, Content-, and Time-Oriented listeners
  • How to use the power of listening to gain what you want from any conversation
  • Why people tune out and how you can hold the attention of listeners
  • How to avoid misunderstandings and increase productivity by listening with intention
  • How men and women listen differently, and how to bridge the gap
  • How to listen effectively to kids, teens, and the elderly
  • How to improve relationships and increase productivity by changing the way you listen

Filled with anecdotes, simple and useful tips, and important research findings, Listen Up will help every reader communicate better at home, on the job, and in every social situation.

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