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Client Testimonials

“It has been an absolute pleasure working with Innolect these past three years. Your team has made a tremendous impact in improving the leadership skills of numerous Army leaders that will have a positive impact for our Army for years to come.”

        – Director of Strategic Plans, US Army

“Innolect provided a platform from which my team began to operate… They set the stage on how we would deal with conflict resolution and setting goals. Otherwise, we would have stayed at comfort level… I will say that this is the first time that I have worked with consultants who engage authentically,… gained the trust of the team and took personal interest in the outcome.” 

– President and CEO, Utility

“Innolect’s facilitator was wonderful with the group last week. He stimulated conversations amongst team members and created a space for them to share and explore… And it was great to have “reinforcement for the cause.”

    – Leadership and Organization Development, Financial Services

“I feel like Innolect has a constancy about helping us see when we are shiny or dull. This concept has been very helpful with the management team and we still refer to it - the optimism around thinking positively for ourselves and others. We are looking forward to continuing our relationship for a long time.”

 – Customer Service Director, Global Manufacturing

“It is a pleasure to work with you and learn from you. Your guidance in this work is going to help us become better “listening leaders” and a more cohesive and collaborative team.”

           – Healthcare Executive, Prisma Health

“You did an excellent job of capturing our work yesterday. You have a gift for facilitating and encouraging the group to express their thoughts and feelings.  I am grateful that you shared your gifts with us yesterday.”

          – Healthcare Executive, Prisma Health

BLUF: a great investment of time and money as the training hit a home run in multiple areas. The opportunity to think and reflect, as well as gain additional self-awareness skills and insights, proved extremely valuable to all. Hats off to the entire Innolect team for their professionalism, and to the G5 staff for planning and executing the event.”

– Colonel, US Army

“…please accept a heartfelt written thank you for all the thought and energy that went into the planning of the programme. Exhilarating, thought-provoking, challenging, informative …. and exhausting!!”

– Sr. Executive, Bayer Crop Science

“I have been thinking about how far I have come in my own personal growth and I could not have done it without you.”

– Sr. Director, Pharmaceutical

“Thank you so much for your time today! WOW! You left a huge impact on our entire group and left us speechless with much to ponder. Thank you for sharing your wisdom so generously. We’ll never look at a school bus full of kids the same.”

– Board Member, Nonprofit

“Innolect’s technical skills and signature tools are masterful. As coaches, mentors, confidants, listeners and thinking partners to senior leaders around the globe, Innolect’s broad based skills are only matched by their compassion and capacity to strengthen others. Any organization or individual would benefit from their professional expertise.”

– Sr. Director, Financial Services

“Innolect has been a trusted advisor and sounding board to me for many years. I value their advice and counsel immensely. As innovative and creative transformational change leaders and visionary strategists, their technical skills are masterful, and their signature tools are marked by their practicality and simplicity. As a coach, mentor, confidant, listener and thinking partner to senior leaders around the globe, Innolect’s broad based skills in communication are only matched by their compassion and capacity to strengthen others.”

– Exec. Director, Organization Development, Pfizer

“Thanks to Innolect’s Listening Program – we made the top list in the HomeCare Elite Analysis Report for our Quality of Care, Quality Improvement, Patient Experience, Process Measure Implementation and Financial Performance.” 

– President, Healthcare

“…the approach was brilliant!!! Still processing the ideas and can’t wait to work with you again.”

– Chief HR Officer, Consumer Goods

“I value our relationship with Innolect. You have been nothing but gracious, detailed, efficient and focused.  You were so engaging and insightful, offering such unique ways for us to listen and learn more about each other at the same time! I was again impressed at how you captured the attention of the audience. We made a wise investment in having you. “

– Director, Supplier Diversity, Utility

“This was by far the best company meeting I have ever been to. What I liked best was NOT having planted questions! Doing it with table members collaborating produced good questions without the spotlight turned on anyone. It kept it genuine. ….so, thank you and the team for not going down that old, rutted road. Outstanding job, well done.”

– VP, Communications, Utility

“Your presentation today was fabulous!  Thanks so much for helping our leaders get more connected with listening styles, listening skills and more.  I especially enjoyed the piece about Jesus as a listener, which means so much to us as a faith-based organization. It was great meeting you, and I hope our paths cross again!”

– Patient Experience Executive, Methodist Le Bonheur Hospital

“Thank you for the value that every conversation with you has brought to my development and for the significant contribution that you have made to my team’s success.”

– Group President, Pharmaceutical

“I received a trusted business partner, not just another consultant. Innolect puts brilliant strategic abilities into action to deliver an innovative collaborative approach to engage and develop leadership at every level of our organization. Their approach of active listening, encouraging collaborative problem solving and demonstrating visible signs of change by our leadership have resulted in providing our organization the competitive edge it needs to meet future industry challenges.”

– VP, Customer Experience Strategy, Entergy

“First let me take a moment to say how incredible you were yesterday serving as our morning and luncheon speaker. You were so engaging, insightful and offered such unique ways for us to listen and learn more about each other at the same time! I was again impressed at how you captured the attention of the audience at both events. We made a wise investment in having you as our speaker.”

– Director, Supplier Diversity, Alabama Power

“Innolect has developed, organized and hosted numerous workshops and conferences for my teams.  In every instance, the event has not only met my objectives, but often exceeded them.  Moreover, the Innolect staff is extremely outgoing, professional, creative and engaging… and worked collaboratively with my staff and me to ensure delivery of high-quality, meaningful training materials and workshop aids.”

– VP, Licensing and Development, Pharmaceutical

“You are just too fabulous for words! Thank you so much for your immense contribution to the success of the event and program. I’m never surprised about the amazing feedback we receive when you are involved.”

– Program Manager, Nonprofit

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