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Innovative Intelligence Approach

INNOLECT = Innovative Intelligence®. Our green O symbolizes our commitment to infuse fresh, creative, innovative ideas into all our services and products

Innovative Intelligence®

Innolect’s approach is the foundation for all our services and products. The Innovative Intelligence® methodologies aspect of our business leadership and management services are manifested in collaboration with others and represents the synergy of learning and change theories. With theoretical and conceptual underpinnings from the applied behavioral sciences, including human and group development, social psychology, organization development and adult learning. The sophisticated Innovative Intelligence® triggers the inherent curiosity, creativity, and courage of individuals and organizations. The model was designed and developed by internal, global thought leaders. Our Innovative Intelligence® tools help leaders “see the world anew” and discover meaningful insights that lead to problem-solving breakthroughs. Our model acts as a blueprint to help you consistently capitalize on opportunities and foster a more collaborative work environment.


The ZOOM to the Power of 10 card deck offers questions to promote fresh thinking and mindful action and helps leaders DIVERGE (Zoom Out) and CONVERGE (Zoom In) when facing new and/or complex challenges.

Listening and Inquiry Foundation

Since the 1980s, Innolect has been the industry leader in listening research and application. We understand the power of listening strategically to discover issues, co-design learning approaches and build key relationships. We offer proprietary products and services that have received international awards and recognition.

Adult (vertical) Development Framework and Principles

Innolect uses adult development or vertical development theory highlighting predictable and understandable development stages that leaders go through professionally. Leaders gain an understanding of stages of transformation, as well as better understand their individual strengths and areas for improvement. Based on research conducted over the last few decades, we recommend the Leadership Maturity Assessment Profile (MAP) as a validated tool to identify a leader’s current development stage.

Innolect’s Proprietary Assessment and Training Resources

Innolect’s assessment expertise is a blend of our own validated assessment tools as well as certification in over 40 assessments that we use extensively to enhance our coaching and training services. The key to our effectiveness is the quality and approach of the feedback our consultants provide. We have distinct capability to administer, analyze and deliver feedback using data from multi-rater assessment tools. Our consultant team combines impressive academic research and credentials with practical business applications.

Award-winning Programs and Designs

Innolect’s award-winning learning solutions, workshop designs and tools have been recognized by the Conference Board’s Gold Book, ATD, SHRM, Diversity Inc as well as featured in media channels including ABC’s 20/20. Our customized, collaborative approach creates a “true partnership” that contributes to a higher quality delivery. Our learning events translate into memorable, sustainable impact and change. We design:

  • Highly interactive instructional strategies 
  • Open, non-threatening learning environments 
  • Blended and accelerated learning techniques 
  • Personalized feedback

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