Values - Innolect, Inc.


  1. Processes with agility
  2. Continuously builds intellectual capital and Sustainable Legacy Leadership
  3. Looks at creative ways to do things better
  4. Moves fresh thinking and ideas into action
  5. Mines and shares practical insights


  1. Tests/challenges assumptions
  2. Leads, takes risks, willing to fail
  3. Speaks the truth; does the “right” thing
  4. Pushes past personal comfort zone
  5. Embraces and navigates through ambiguity
  1. Delivers direct, honest feedback with compassion
  2. Operates with integrity
  3. Negotiates shared expectations
  4. Acknowledges and celebrates differences/similarities
  5. Honors commitments
  1. Lives a balanced life
  2. Embraces collaboration
  3. Contributes with playfulness and joy
  4. Leverages interdependency
  5. Practices and builds Sustainable Legacy Leadership

  1. Studies the client’s business
  2. Anticipates and responds to client needs
  3. Generates valid products and services
  4. Cultivates and deepens relationships
  5. Commits to outcome-driven solutions

  1. Celebrates success and lessons learned
  2. Savors the little things
  3. Encourages reflection; reflects encouragement
  4. Manifests abundance
  5. Acknowledges the gift, and pays it forward