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Vision, Mission & Values

Innolect’s Vision

Better the world by growing leaders and building creative, high-integrity workplaces.

Innolect’s Mission

  • Achieve global business results using Innovative Intelligence tools to engage, assess, develop and retain talent
  • Serve as trusted advisers and unparalleled developers of individuals, teams and organizations
  • Inspire high-impact leaders to bridge the talent gap and navigate transformational change creatively
  • Influence with a spirit of reconciliation and appreciation of cultural, ethnic and individual differences

Innolect’s Values

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  • Processes with agility
  • Continuously builds intellectual capital
  • Looks at creative ways to do things better
  • Moves fresh thinking and ideas into action
  • Mines and shares practical insights
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  • Tests/challenges assumptions
  • Leads, takes risks, willing to fail
  • Speaks the truth; does the “right” thing
  • Pushes past personal comfort zone
  • Embraces and navigates through ambiguity


  • Operates with integrity
  • Negotiates shared expectations
  • Delivers direct, honest feedback with compassion
  • Acknowledges and celebrates differences/similarities
  • Honors commitments
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  • Lives a balanced life
  • Embraces collaboration
  • Contributes with playfulness and joy
  • Leverages interdependency
  • Practices servant leadership
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  • Studies the client’s business
  • Anticipates and responds to client needs
  • Generates valid products and services
  • Cultivates and deepens relationships
  • Commits to outcome-driven solutions
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  • Celebrates success and lessons learned
  • Savors the little things
  • Encourages reflection; reflects encouragement
  • Manifests abundance
  • Acknowledges the gift and pays it forward

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