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Adapt Your Message with the Listener Preference Profile

As we all know, today’s workforce is full of diversity. However, an area of this diversity that is often overlooked is the myriad ways in which we listen to, engage with, and understand the information we are given. Our Listener Preference Profile addresses this issue, allowing you to adapt your messages to be more fully understood by your team members.

How It Works

The Listener Preference Profile (LPP) is a twenty-item, self-contained format that allows for easy administration. The self-scoring answer form, preference grid, and interpretation sheet provide participants with immediate feedback about their listening preferences. 

Trainers, coaches, and consultants find the LPP easy to use with the step-by-step Facilitator Guide and convenient online and self-scoring versions. Participants like the LPP because it is easy to use and can be scored quickly (usually 10 minutes or less). It can be used one-on-one or during conferences with hundreds of participants.

The LPP identifies four habitual listening responses:

  1. People-Oriented
  2. Action-Oriented
  3. Content-Oriented
  4. Time-Oriented

The LPP determines how we engage, influence, and make judgments and decisions. Additional information about gender differences, listener avoidance, and multiple listener preferences is also provided. 

Leaders use the LPP with their teams to help team members learn about each other, as well as to adapt to those who listen differently. Coaches utilize this tool to help executives and leaders gain insight and self-awareness into their own style, while presentation coaches use the LPP to help speakers analyze their audiences and adjust messages to capture and keep attention.

How We Know It Works

The Listener Preference Profile has been used and field-tested with thousands of executives, managers, and teams in workshops and training seminars around the world for over 30 years. Proof of the LPP’s high external validity and reliability comes from its users and the multiple reorders we receive. Additionally, we are proud of the fact that the American Management Association uses the LPP in their listening workshops.

But you don’t have to take our word for it. Here is one of the many testimonials we have received about the success of this tool:

“I have worked with Innolect, Inc. for many years. Their products are top notch, innovative and business savvy. The product that I have used most is the Listening Preference Profile (LPP). I have used it in both training and coaching situations with equal success. The LPP is useful in illustrating key concepts about communication in general and listening, specifically. The LPP clearly illustrates the meaning and depth of the sender as a unique part of the process and how all of one’s attitudes, perceptions, biases and habits impact the interaction with others. It is a wonderful way to start a discussion about either the coachee’s or attendee’s impact on an interaction. The LPP is also a wonderful tool for talking about how to adapt to other individuals in order to have more communication success.”

The Listener Preference Profile with the science behind it provides a clear path to help you engage with and understand your team (and yourself) on an entirely new level. If this sounds like the tool you’ve been missing, you can find it HERE

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