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Are You a Trusted Advisor?

Why do 40 percent of CEO’s and business leaders rely on and turn to their spouses first when seeking advice on making major decisions? Executives and senior leaders seek perspectives and thought leadership from those objective individuals they most TRUST. Are you an internal business leader who wants to be viewed as a Trusted Advisor? To secure a “seat at the table,” you must have the leader’s best interest at heart and gain the executive’s confidence in your ability to offer wise counsel.

Trusted advisors gain early access to information and have the ability to influence decisions. Leaders want Trusted Advisors to explore new ideas and discover possible solutions to challenging problems. Trusted Advisors uncover organizational blind spots and help leaders navigate for more sustainable futures. Once elevated to the position of Trusted Advisor, you are more likely to shape thinking, have your advice taken and achieve strong credibility. In other words, by engaging in dialogue and strategic communication practices, trusted advisors gain access to not only influence decisions and what gets done, but to shape what and how information is communicated.

Trusted Advisors serve as:

  • Expert guides in the process of reasoning through challenges and issues.
  • Business partners who enter situations with open minds and fresh, objective perspectives.
  • Sounding boards for partners to reach their own solutions with the best data, insights and information possible.

Innolect’s Strategic Communication: Practices of Trusted Advisors workshop helps participants build a toolbox of communication practices to build trust, gain confidence and increase perceived value with internal business clients.

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