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Are your employees engaged?

Did you know that 12% of all high potentials are actively searching for new jobs? (September 2009, Corporate Executive Board). And most current business publications report that as the economy recovers, 40-60% of all employees will actively seek new employment. Given these staggering statistics, employee engagement is a top priority. Leaders are asking, “What can I do to engage employees before it is too late?” Don Lowman, in his book Closing the Engagement Gap, asked tens of thousands of employees in six countries (including U.S., China, and India) that question. He discovered that the best way to increase employee engagement is for senior management to show interest in employees well being. In fact, demonstrating interest is more impactful than career advancement, relationships with direct supervisors, and even higher pay.

At Innolect, we work with leaders to develop strategies to attract and retain top talent. We partner with leaders to identify work-place practices that increase engagement and productivity. When companies focus on engaging and including talent, they find that employees feel more grounded, job satisfaction goes up, turnover goes down, and productivity improves.

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