Listening “Under Cover”

When leaders fail to listen to employees, they put their companies at risk of missing out on new ideas, losing both their customers and their best people and earning a reputation as an unattractive place to work. It is estimated that as many as 40% of current employees would leave for a “better” environment if a position became available. Click below for information on better listening in the workplace.

Optimistic Perceptions: Are They a Problem?

If you have a major initiative or project, it’s a good bet that there is unanticipated work beneath the surface that will add substantially to the schedule and resources it will take. If your team is stretched at the beginning of a new project, it will most likely become worse as things progress. Click below for more information on setting and acting on strategic priorities.

“Athena Style” Leadership

Feminine values drive broad business benefits and create lasting mutually beneficial relationships with customers and communities. Successful businesses foster environments for cooperation, communication, nurturing and inclusiveness while assuring tough decisions are made and people are accountable for results. Click below to learn more about “Athena Style” Leadership.