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Building an Inclusive Workplace from the OutsideIN

Most organizations work diligently to recruit a diverse workforce, with a range of ages, abilities, ethnicities, religions and worldviews. Identifying and hiring talent with such diverse backgrounds and characteristics is an accomplishment. Once hired, you can check off that Diversity & Inclusion box, right? Not so fast!

Having a diverse workforce is only half of the picture. Creating a culture of inclusivity (where people are respected and appreciated for their differences) requires another level of effort that may not be getting the investment it deserves. These diverse voices need to be heard and valued in order for them to fully contribute to your company’s success. Different perspectives offer unique solutions to problems. Do your employees feel safe and valued enough to have their unique voices be heard?

Because many modern workplaces are not designed with inclusivity in mind, many employees feel disconnected from their work environment. They are on the outside looking in. This feeling of disconnection decreases their motivation and engagement. To combat this reality, you and your company need to invest in ongoing inclusion and empowerment strategies.

Innolect’s flip-focus guide (OutsideIN: Tips for Building an Engaging and Inclusive Environment) helps leaders, facilitators, and team members engage in and use inclusive behaviors. It offers specific and informative tips that can be used immediately for:

🌱 Decision Making

🌱 Facilitation & Presentation

🌱 Team Member Integration

🌱 Employee Development & Coaching

🌱 Stereotype-Free Communication

The OutsideIN guidebook is designed to sit on your desk, reminding you to apply more inclusive behaviors every day. It is ideal as a quick, easy reference to reinforce inclusion and diversity in your organization.

Building an inclusive workplace starts with its leaders. Make sure your leaders (from the top to the middle managers) are properly educated and consistently demonstrate an attitude of welcome and inclusivity. We can help you get there!As every team is unique, we will work with you to determine which services best fit your needs and budget. Visit our website for full details on our services and offerings. Contact us for more information about customization and to schedule an appointment to grow your leaders, your teams, and your organization. In addition, we offer virtual and remote services (Build Your Virtual IQ℠) for your safety and convenience.

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