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What 6 Case Studies Say About Our Results

At Innolect, our Innovative Intelligence® approach is the foundation for all of our services, books, and assessments. Our green “O” symbolizes our commitment to infuse fresh, creative, innovative ideas into everything we do. Designed by global thought leaders, our methodologies are manifested in collaboration with others and represent the synergy of learning and change. Using …

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Optimistic Perceptions: Are They a Problem?

If you have a major initiative or project, it’s a good bet that there is unanticipated work beneath the surface that will add substantially to the schedule and resources it will take. If your team is stretched at the beginning of a new project, it will most likely become worse as things progress.

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Innolect, committed to equipping leaders to reach their ultimate potential, uses Innovative Intelligence methodology to promote fresh thinking and mindful action. Our Zoom Deck, a powerful set of question cards, can jump-start the process.

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