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Diversity and Inclusion

How Supply Chain Diversification Benefits Organizations

Supply Chains are feeling the impact of the pandemic, natural disasters and cyber-attacks. There have been major delays in orders for PPE and safety supplies, as well as operational supplies and equipment, which have disrupted organizations’ supply chains across the country. While we once took availability for granted, we now understand the critical role of supply …

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Overcome Diverse Talent Barriers: Serve as a Mentor or Sponsor

Harriet Tubman showed remarkable courage as a servant leader; she led more than three hundred fellow slaves to freedom after first escaping herself. Not content to simply enjoy her own freedom, she journeyed back into slave territory 19 times to guide friends, family and strangers to freedom. Servant leaders today, who follow Ms. Tubman’s stellar …

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Inclusion, Diversity, and Belonging

The workplace, teams, and organizations are increasingly becoming more and more culturally, ethnically and individually diverse. In order to attract and retain top talent in this diverse workforce, it is critical to build a high-integrity environment where all employees are valued, involved, supported and respected. Below, we have outlined how Innolect’s inclusion and assessment services …

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Crawfish Incivility: Actions Leaders Need to Reward

When people from Louisiana hear the word Crawfish (crayfish, mudbugs or crawdads), most imagine crawfish boils and mouth-watering crawfish tail recipes. Locals catch crawfish using a string and bait, trap or even by hand. Once the crawfish are captured, they’re placed in a pail. First-timers are often surprised that these pails rarely include lids. They think that without a lid, the crawfish will crawl out. While they do try, once they reach the rim, other crawfish reach up, climb on and pull them back down. None of the crawfish escape.

Leadership Blind Spots – What Do You See?

“Communication is not the message sent but the message received. But when the receiver reacts opposite to our expectations we tend to blame the receiver. We are right and they are wrong.” – Cass Thaler and Richard Sunstein –Nudge We are grateful that the latest automotive technology helps drivers detect when another car and/or a …

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