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Leaders, Play Your Hand Well

Leaders who have been recently promoted often discover they’ve inherited team members who they may not have chosen on their own. In fact, many leadership changes and promotions are designed to “clean-up” what other leaders have left behind. A leader’s future success depends on his or her ability to play the hand they’ve been dealt.

How Can Leaders Benefit from Being Kind?

Kind acts have distinct benefits for leaders. And with recent natural disasters, violence and tragedies across our nation and around the world, employees seek leaders who offer encouragement and kind acts to help renew the human spirit. Take a moment to choose an act of leadership kindness today. Make a donation, volunteer, send a note or do something unexpected.

Leadership Blind Spots – What Do You See?

“Communication is not the message sent but the message received. But when the receiver reacts opposite to our expectations we tend to blame the receiver. We are right and they are wrong.” – Cass Thaler and Richard Sunstein –Nudge We are grateful that the latest automotive technology helps drivers detect when another car and/or a …

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Are You a Technology Addict?…Too Distracted to Work

It is easy to move away from a work-related task to get an immediate reward from responding to a ping, vibration, or ring. We get “hooked” on the stimuli which may lead to technology addiction and employee distraction. It is important for us to be aware of the messages our behavior sends to others. Click below for information on how to develop strategies to support “great places to work.”