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Coaching – Your Fast Track to Career Gold!

With the summer Olympics approaching, many of us anticipate watching track and field events. We’ll cheer on athletes from around the globe as they compete for coveted gold medals. These men and women have prepared and sacrificed to accomplish their dreams and engaged coaches to enhance their performance. Similarly in business, many leaders prepare and sacrifice to achieve their own career aspirations. And those on the “fast track” often look to executive and leadership coaches when they want to accelerate their success.

Deciding how, what method of coaching and who to engage as a coach can be challenging. Innolect’s NEW book, Leadership Coaching: The Fast Track to Effectiveness, answers questions and describes principles the Innolect coaching community uses to ensure their coaching partners make the most of their coaching investment. Using the most current research and our years of experience working with leaders around the globe, we meet leaders where they are on their development journey.

For the reader:

– In Chapter 1, we explore the key principles of coaching.

– Chapter 2 walks you through the coaching process, including how to assess your own readiness and how to select a coach who is right for you.

– In Chapter 3, we define the roles and responsibilities of the people associated with the coaching engagment.

– Chapter 4 introduces you to Innolect’s Innovative Intelligence® model and the competencies we use during the development process.

– Chapter 5 describes the type of coaching you might elect to receive.

– Chapter 6 addresses niche or specialized forms of coaching.

– Chapter 7, the final chapter, integrates the key ideas by providing a worksheet with a set of questions to help you prepare for your coaching engagement.

To order a copy of: Leadership Coaching: The Fast Track to Effectiveness by Kittie W. Watson, Barbara J. Braham, and Rebecca A. Ripley, contact Laura Labak or click here.

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