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Continuing Coach Education

Innolect is now accredited to provide Continuing Coach Education Credits for our:

  • Listening Leaders Workshop
  • Effective Listening Workshop


Our workshops help coaches gain and maintain their accreditation. Each program has been approved for the following Continuing Coach Education credits:


  • Core Competency: 6 hours
  • Resource Development: 3 hours

Course Description

Innolect’s Listening Leaders and Effective Listening workshops offer thought leadership and practical applications developed over the last 30 years. Our proprietary listening assessments and research has been published in such journals as Chief Learning Officer, People+Strategy, Journal of Business Education, Personality and Individual Differences, Training and Development, Communication Education and Feedback. Our award-winning programs and workshops have been presented to thousands of people around the globe and help participants both learn and enhance their listening skills and abilities.

The importance of listening is well-documented. Use of effective listening skills helps leaders and coaches learn, develop trust, gain understanding and build effective long-term relationships. Innolect’s listening workshops and webinars include self-assessment, new knowledge and practical skills. Each learning experience is designed to help participants learn how to listen in ways that place them in a desirable position to build trusted relationships and long-term partnerships as well as influence behavior change.


  • Build awareness about the value of effective listening and cost of listening breakdowns and misunderstandings.
  • Identify irritating listening habits, dangerous assumptions and barriers to effective listening.
  • Diagnose and learn personal listening preferences, barriers, and habits.
  • Develop new, practical skills and techniques to improve listening to use immediately and includes skills that build an OPEN-CHECK-CLOSE strategy.

To schedule an in-house webinar or workshop for Continuing Coach Education credit, please send your inquiries to

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