Date(s) - 10/17/2014
8:30 AM - 5:00 PM

Bit of Hope


Discover Your ‘Horse Power’ and

Build Executive Presence

Innolect Leadership Workshop

Workshop OverviewInnolect, Randy Chittum, Ph.D, Gerri Steadman, Christine Fogarty Using unfiltered, authentic insights from how horses respond to people, leaders discover subtle blind spots about how they’re perceived and their own ability to “read” situations/people. Conducted in a casual environment at the “Bit of Hope” stables near Charlotte, NC, Innolect’s facilitation team applies Equine Assisted Learning  to build self-awareness for personal learning and change.

This unique interactive horse experience will:

  • Reflect how others respond to you and your leadership presence.
  • Offer insight into your style in building relationships and trust.
  • Illuminate how “self-talk” works for or against leadership effectiveness.
  • Renew your focus and leadership confidence.
  • Build self-awareness about your impact as an executive.

Image, Horse and womanLeaders will:

  • Gain insight about their own executive presence.
  • Define key characteristics of leadership mindfulness, trust and authenticity.
  • Learn techniques to ‘ground’ their leadership approach.
  • Practice and receive peer/coach feedback.


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