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Diversity & Inclusion

15 Ideas for Embracing Diversity in Your Team

Apply these ideas to embrace the diversity in your team!

Onboarding Traps and Success Factors

Use these suggestions to ensure your onboarding succeeds.

Baker’s Dozen Suggestions for Bridging Generational Gaps

Whether you have Millennials or Boomers on your team, these suggestions will help you bridge the generational gap.

10 Questions to Help See the World with a 30,000-Foot Perspective

These questions will help you "Zoom Out" to consider differing perspectives and points of view.

Managing Polarities

Gain insight into the cultural polarities many organizations face.


Empathy Responses

Get ideas for appropriate empathic responses and identify which sound natural for you.

Build and Improve Empathy Checklist

Identify where you need to improve your empathy skills and which behaviors you can work on avoiding.


Build a Team Listening Culture: Signs of Silence

Test your listening and feedback culture and identify patterns.

Listening Leader Behaviors

Get tips to improve your listening skills over the next six months.

LISTEN to Improve Leadership Effectiveness

Apply the following L.I.S.T.E.N. suggestions today to improve your effectiveness as a leader.


Leadership and Random Acts of Kindness

Offer Random Acts of Kindness in unexpected ways!

Stress & Burnout

Ideas for Leaders to Reduce Office Stress

Lead by example (and encourage the following behaviors) to help reduce office stress.

Staying Connected with Your Employees

These suggestions will help you stay connected with your employees and reduce stress levels and chances of burnout.

Five Positive Things Exercise

This exercise encourages you to think in new ways, reducing stress and anxiety.


15 Suggestions to Reduce Negative Conflict and Increase Positive Conflict Outcomes

These suggestions offer ways to reduce conflict and bring out the best in people.

Build Trust & Collaboration

Collaboration Checklist

This checklist will help you and your team identify areas to improve your level of trust and collaboration.

Living on Purpose

Jumpstart your team's purpose-driven focus!

Tough Decisions

When to Let an Employee Go

These questions will help you determine if it is time for an employee to go.

Be Inspired!

Successful Leaders Who Have Experienced Rejection and Defeat

Check out this list of leaders who overcame the odds and transcended adversity!

7 Behaviors of Servant Leaders Checklist

Are you a Servant Leader who models the behavior you want to see in others?

Creativity Inventory

Discover how creative you are (and where that creatively lies)!