From Regional to Global: Using a Network Strategy to Align a Multinational Organization (HR People + Strategy)

An article Innolect President Kittie W. Watson collaborated on, along with Maya Townsend and Lisa Coen, was published in the Spring 2017 issue.

In this article, we share a case study of former Bayer CropScience Public Affairs leader Lisa Coen, who successfully led the transformation of the Global Public and Government Affairs division from a siloed, hub-and-spoke model to an interconnected, truly global organization. Her efforts, with the support of many engaged team members, enabled the company to benefit from innovation and knowledge across many regions and functions, and increased the ability to mobilize quickly in response to new challenges.

We discuss:

  • Building commitment for globalization
  • Shifting from a hub-and-spoke to a networked organizational model
  • Using network maps to inform leadership actions and agendas
  • Engaging employees and weaving communication across regions