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Great Leaders: Seeing What Isn’t There

Morgan Freeman, in the quirky movie, The Magic of Belle Isle (2012), is hired by a 10-year old to teach her how to write stories. He teaches by challenging her to see and write about what isn’t there. He inspires her to use her imagination to engage others in her stories.

Great leaders, like great writers, are visionaries who see beyond the present moment to possibilities and opportunities ahead. The most gifted leaders capture the imaginations of their employees as they paint vivid images of the future. With clarity, leaders show individuals how they can contribute to something greater than themselves. While most employees aren’t able to picture the future on their own, visionary leaders arouse confidence in what is yet to be created and launch (or propel?) others into the future.

The same visionary insight is needed when selecting and developing future leaders. Looking for potential, headhunters and recruiters weigh industry experience, education, past behavior, reputation and achievements when recommending candidates. Business leaders then select individuals who have the greatest potential to fill capability gaps and add future value. Savvy business leaders visualize “what isn’t seen.” They anticipate growth potential and then invest in targeted development opportunities to engage and retain top talent.

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