Case Studies – Growing Leaders

story of success on typewriterReinventing a Company Through Shared Leadership

The President and CEO of a regional marketing firm engaged Innolect to help him attain clarity around what he wanted to do “next,” using the forum of a leadership team offsite. With a stressful downturn in the economy during the last couple of years, he honestly wondered if he had the will, energy and enthusiasm to re-build the firm to what it was or might be again. Groping for a new way to reinvent himself, he knew his team expected him to inspire them to new opportunities and dreams; but the truth was, he was looking for a little inspiration himself. New building and re-building are different things. He didn’t believe that the latter direction held a lot of appeal to him anymore. Through a series of coaching dialogues, the CEO elected to share with his leadership team his dilemma and options for the future. The offsite was designed to share the CEO’s organizational vision and NEW model/structure (including guiding principles, business focus, talent deployment, resource allocations, etc.) and to determine whether or not his leadership team had the capabilities and/or interest to create a new company through shared leadership. Innolect consultants:

  • Used the Strengths Finder Profile to examine the team’s strengths and competencies, then led them to investigate the needs of teams in general and their team in particular
  • Introduced the Innovative Intelligence consulting approach as well as the related card deck’s provocative questions to help investigate and clarify what was possible
  • Identified leadership capabilities and initiated commitment charting


The CEO was surprised by the receptivity and enthusiasm for the new vision. His team immediately embraced the process, used it to gain new insights, and decided to completely redesign a new business and business model (new name, branding, etc.).

picking the right personExecutive Selection Process… Closing the Gap on Mis-Hires

When a telecom company’s recruiting methods proved too costly, Innolect partnered with its senior HR team to rapidly redesign the executive selection process. After accumulating significant six figure costs associated with executive mis-hires, a telecommunications company that was rapidly expanding into the nation’s top 50 markets retained Innolect to help them develop a robust selection process. Innolect partnered with the senior HR team and analyzed and mapped the current final selection processes. As a result, a rapid redesign was created to customize and incorporate key features of the executive selection process. The features included expanding and standardizing behavioral interviewing, providing final candidate testing, creating candidate profiles and onboarding plans, and building capacity among the key staff.


During the pilot phase of the engagement, the client shared that they had already realized their return on investment by incorporating the new final selection process. “The process has allowed us to focus more specifically on the individual candidate and his/her “real skills” and areas where improvement can be focused. In one particular case, it was a key validating point for us that said we should take caution in hiring a very senior level candidate for our organization. Bottom line….the process is a key ingredient for us as we move forward with the goal of attracting and developing our employees at the director and above level.” —Sr. VP of Human Resources, Telecommunications.

fuzzy-to-focusedA Shot in the Arm for Healthcare Leadership

When a healthcare client realized it had a serious morale problem, it called on Innolect to develop a three-pronged plan to bring its front-line supervisors together as a formidable team. An internal survey indicated that front-line supervisors experienced low morale due to a lack of clearly defined roles and detachment from the rest of management. This resulted in lower scores on employee attitude surveys, lack of support for hospital programs, and poor management practices among supervisors. Innolect consultants:

  • Developed a three-pronged plan to place supervisors on a leadership team as full members;
  • Increased sharing of current and future organizational plans via leadership email groups and bi-annual leadership retreats;
  • Concentrated on training and education aimed at supervisors; this included the formation of monthly “Lunch and Learn” programs and quarterly Supervisor Forums; and
  • Created a management bonus program that mirrored upper-level incentive compensation programs.


Tremendous upsurge of pride and identification with hospital leadership. Clear improvement in alignment of goals and sense of belonging. Increase in survey results of forty percentile points in two years.


Leadership 1Merger Leaders in Transition: Building a Coaching Culture

A global pharma company asked Innolect to formulate an internal coaching initiative to tackle new business challenges prior to a merger. It was the catalyst these executives needed to make some healthy changes. Innolect consultants:

  • Helped its leaders tackle challenging business issues and performance goals related to the merger and integration of colleagues;
  • Developed creative approaches and innovative solutions;
  • Addressed changes in their leadership roles and responsibilities during the major transition;
  • Clarified and integrated core leadership competencies; and
  • Honed skills and experiences required to develop others.


Survey results across the board demonstrated that the initiative exceeded expectations of the executive sponsors, HR liaisons and participants. Participants particularly valued learning how to become catalysts for change and linking success to being more strategically focused. Representative comments included:

  • “Better focus on performance…helps to gain insight into ways to improve results.”
  • “I’m managing my people more efficiently, using my time better, letting my direct reports have more responsibility.”
  • “I feel empowered…the company gets a better ME.”
  • “I understand how others experience my actions and decisions.”
  • “The coaching program makes the leader behaviors real.”