“Innolect worked with us to create something that none of us had envisioned or considered before.  

You were true partners in shaping a solution that really worked and was sustainable for the organization.”

Executive Director, Duke Energy



Innolect’s Approach – we are not “one-size fits all”

Innolect exists to build creative, high integrity workplaces that:

  • attract top talent,
  • thrive in times of uncertainty,
  • are recognized for being great places to work,
  • outperform the competition,
  • have highly engaged employees thriving and putting their strengths to work.

Innovative Culture

Most organizations today promote innovation as a core value. Innolect works with those companies to nurture innovative workplaces. We know innovation is one of the keys to long-term success. We know that if a company truly innovates, it will inevitably have brushes with failure. If you never make mistakes, you’re not taking risks, and that means you’re not innovating. It takes courage to pursue innovation. It also takes skill.

Great Place to Work

Our Innolect facilitators’ tools and techniques make it easier and more fun to generate creative ideas and solve problems. If you are committed to building an innovative culture, we can help lay the foundation for workplaces that are both creative and high integrity. It will require some changes, but the results are impressive: services and products your customers will love–and engaged employees who bring their best selves to the job.