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“Innolect has developed, organized and hosted numerous workshops and conferences for my teams. 

In every instance, the events not only met my objectives, but often exceeded them.” 

Vice President, Pfizer

Innolect Approach

When colleagues don’t trust each other, work suffers. When associates believe coworkers lack competence, they are reluctant to partner with them and again, work suffers. When colleagues don’t get along, they get distracted by minutiae and energy is wasted. Organizations win when team members openly collaborate and seamlessly hand-off quality work to one another.

Innolect consultants and coaches partner with clients to grow teams. Working together, we increase effectiveness, productivity and engagement. How? We surface the tough stuff, gain clarity and focus people on what’s important. We reinforce the vision and values that drew people to the organization in the first place. We help people grow into their potential so that everybody wins: employees, company and customers.

Innolect Growing Teams Results:

  • Accelerate cross-functional collaboration
  • Align goals and work processes to business strategy
  • Jump start new team and team member integration
  • Build safe environments for risk-taking, effective conflict management and creativity
  • Gain higher engagement, commitment and trust by getting all the voices heard
  • Cultivate shared accountability and end-to-end ownership
  • Reduce rework and duplication of effort
  • Clarified roles and responsibilities