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Iatrogenic deaths are estimated in the hundreds of thousands, with billions of dollars in economic impact each year.  How much is due to physician or nurse listening errors is anyone’s guess, but the patient experience improvement may be enough to pay close attention to this critical capability.

Starting with listening and empathy, or building high integrity organizations with redesigned systems – Innolect’s experience benefits our healthcare clients at multiple levels.  We ARE Listening! and will assist you in clarifying and achieving your goals.

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A Shot in the Arm for Healthcare Leadership

When a healthcare client realized it had a serious morale problem, it called on Innolect to develop a three-pronged plan to bring its frontline supervisors together as a formidable team.An internal survey indicated that frontline supervisors experienced low morale due to a lack of clearly defined roles and detachment from the rest of management. This resulted in lower scores on employee attitude surveys, lack of support for hospital programs, and poor management practices among supervisors.

Innolect consultants:

  • Developed a three-pronged plan to place supervisors on a leadership team as full members
  • Increased sharing of current and future organizational plans via leadership email groups and bi-annual leadership retreats
  • Concentrated on training and education aimed at supervisors; this included the formation of monthly “Lunch and Learn” programs and quarterly Supervisor Forums
  • Created a management bonus program that mirrored upper-level incentive compensation programs


Tremendous upsurge of pride and identification with hospital leadership. Clear improvement in alignment of goals and sense of belonging. Increase in survey results of 40 percentile points in two years.




Business professional -male african american doctorHigher-Performing Teams To Higher-Performing Business

An ultimate organizational excellence endeavor is one that leads teams to better interaction which in turn leads the business to dramatically improved performance.When several statewide hospital systems merged into one multi-state system, senior leaders and employees throughout the new organization wondered about many of the same things — most immediately, “Which strategies will prevail, and will I have a role in the new organization?” There was widespread anxiety and public airing of concerns related to overlapping service areas, redundant capacity and quality issues.

Leaders of the new multi-state hospital system engaged Innolect to design and facilitate a comprehensive plan to build cooperation across advisory board members, teams and centers of influence, and then tap into the improved teamwork to drive lasting organizational improvements.

Innolect consultants:

  • Provided team and individual coaching and facilitation
  • Designed a new organization structure and plans for product lines
  • Created a new cross-facility product/service management committee
  • Worked with HR to identify new career pathing, compensation programs, and onsite and online information and training programs


Turmoil was quickly minimized and the organization stabilized. The company successfully retained all managers identified as “key talent.” Teamwork and integrated decision making improved. Within 18 months of the initiation of the overall project, the product/service management group was credited with increasing profitability of existing services by 8 percent.




Teamwork - paper doll towerRedesigning a Hospital System

There’s an old maxim: “form follows function.” The organizational equivalent is “structure determines behavior.” When reorganization is truly strategic, results can exceed expectations.

Senior management of a large regional HMO/Hospital System wanted to architect a new organizational strategy for several related functions: Sales, Marketing, Account Service, Underwriting and Contracts. The existing system and cross-functional interactions were causing poor execution and declining customer satisfaction. In addition, rates needed to increase, but sales and service processes were ill equipped to handle changes.

The client engaged Innolect on a project to overhaul and reduce complexity within and between functions. The system was redesigned from functional silos to cross-functional teams supporting customer segments — for example, Small Business and National Accounts.

Innolect consultants and hospital management:

  • Streamlined processes;
  • Adjusted compensation mechanisms;
  • Redefined roles (including those union members); and
  • Upgraded management practices.


In the next two cycles, the HMO/Hospital System raised rates 10 percent with no net loss of customers. Management attributed the success to the re-structuring and re-engineering of processes.



Business professions - doctor female african americanUrgent Care for Healthcare Organization’s Revolving Door

A healthcare organization suffered a 24% turnover among employees during the first 180 days on the job. This statistic came at a tremendous expense for recruiting and training (estimated at 50% of annual salary), plus a disruption to workplace productivity.

Innolect consultants:

  • Created a three-tier retention initiative aimed at new hires;
  • Helped train mentors who were assigned to every new employee;
  • Developed a “3-3-3” project where each new employee was visited at 3 days, 3 weeks, and 3 months by an HR representative; during brief 10-minute encounters, questions and concerns were addressed and support was provided; and
  • Created a mandatory 60-day feedback/evaluation for all employees with an abbreviated form.


After three years, turnover among this group was reduced to a remarkable 11%.




Business professionals - doctors looking at patientA Healthy System for Mental Health

A State Commissioner of Mental Health recognized that its system of mental health services was cumbersome, confusing, complex and not customer-friendly. His goal was more efficient, cost-effective and accountable service delivery. It is a challenge for any leader to reduce complexity by simplifying processes and reorganizing resources. The situation was especially daunting for this State Commissioner of Mental Health who inherited a fragmented system of services delivered through regional clinics, satellite clinics and hospitals.

The Commissioner set a 12-month deadline for redesign and reorganization, and engaged Innolect consultants to facilitate the process. The existing model divided the state into three regions with separate administrative structures and delivery channels. A series of re-design sessions were held in each region, attended by a cross-section of key stakeholders in the mental health system. Each regional team prepared a proposal that included regional requirements for statewide governance and delivery. Then, 60 representatives from three regional teams came together and developed a final proposal for approval by the regions, the state’s Secretary for Health and Hospitals, and legislature.


The process was completed and approved within the deadline. Clinicians and clients found the new model more accessible, transparent, accountability-driven and efficient.




healthcare - doctor with tabletAfter Action Review

Senior management for a non-profit hospital system engaged Innolect to identify factors contributing to the frustration that accompanied the move to an electronic (paperless) self-service system for managers and employees. In addition to complaints from employees, missed deadlines, and coming in over budget, project members expressed reluctance to work together on new project teams. Since the team would likely work together again on future initiatives, Innolect used an after action review process to capture lessons learned, identify best practices, and create a roadmap for how best to work together in the future. Using the data, Project Team and Steering Committee members met offsite to gain understanding and insight about areas of agreement and disagreement before launching another team project.

During the session, team members agreed to:

  • Develop a clear and realistic team charter with governance;
  • Redefine roles and expectations;
  • Engage the steering committee to review and reinforce the charter;
  • Establish a clear methodology for project management; and
  • Streamline processes.


The recommendations were integrated into all subsequent implementations, and projects came in under budget and on time. Management attributed the success to recommendations applied from the after action review process.

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Selected Clients

American Cancer Society

American Lung Association

Banner Healthcare System (AZ)

Baptist Hospital of Miami (FL)

Baystate Health (MA)

Bon Secours Health System

BroMenn Medical Center (IL)

Cancer Treatment Center of America

Carolinas Healthcare Systems (NC)

Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (PA)

East Jefferson Hospital (LA)

Duke University Hospital (NC)

F. Edward Hebert Hospital (LA)

Meadowcrest Hospital (NME-LA)

Methodist Le Bonheur Healthcare (TN)

Mercy-Baptist Hospital (LA)

Mission Health (NC)

New York Hospital (NY)

NME Medical Center (TX)

The Oath (LA)

Palmetto Health (SC)

Premier, Inc.

R&R Home Health (LA)

Siemens Medical

St. Jude Hospital (LA)

St. Tammany Parish Hospital (LA)

Tenet (TX)

Tulane University Medical Center (LA)

Touro Infirmary (LA)

Wake Forest University Baptist (NC)



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