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High Potential Boot Camp: Legacy Leadership

Nonprofit board service provides the ultimate ”boot camp” for leaders to learn and apply leadership, governance, ethics, group dynamics as well as gain crisis management and communication skills. In addition, according to the Association of Fundraising Professionals (AFP), board members also gain an opportunity to develop policies and monitor financial health, programs and overall performance. Savvy business leaders consider how their company’s volunteer service not only helps key employees feel good, but actually helps their organizations be better.

Volunteer service can be leveraged to deepen leadership capacities within each organization in ways that dramatically strengthen a company today, and lay the foundation for a more promising future for both the company and their community tomorrow.

Shrewd executives partner with nonprofits to create professional development opportunities for themselves as well as their high potential employees. Nonprofit executives have unique skills and learning opportunities to offer business leaders. For example, who knows more about influencing others than nonprofit executives who get work done largely through volunteers? Successful nonprofit leaders also build strong mission brands, develop strategic partnerships, raise operating capital, fund endowments, build teams and consistently engage foundations and large corporations. They have a wealth of knowledge to offer organizations, yet most companies fail to tap into that potential.

Rather than view volunteer activities as individual, fleeting, feel-good activities, approach them as strategic experiential learning “boot camps” that offer maximum sustainable benefits to the high potential leader, organization and community. Each board experience helps leaders contribute to their own positive legacy.

If you need help in finding your board service passion, download this Volunteer Passion Inventory today!

Innolect’s Sustainable Legacies® program matches volunteers with nonprofits who can engage in mutually beneficial relationships. To learn more about Innolect’s innovative approach to development, visit our articles and whitepapers for free downloads and resources.