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To succeed, organizations need to find the right people, hone their skills, tap into their inner genius, foster a high level of performance and retain talent. Innolect partners with clients to:

  • Attract and retain great people
  • Accelerate leader development
  • Strengthen talent pipelines
  • Build lasting, positive legacies
  • Develop leaders as key communicators
  • Foster “growth” mindsets that allow for “big” picture thinking

Executive Coaching: Transform Leaders for Long-term Impact

Do you have a shortage of leaders in your pipeline?

Are your leaders equipped and ready to lead?

Reading a book, attending a workshop or an off-the-shelf program is not the answer. Innolect offers intentional leadership development through Executive Coaching. We help leaders address complex business issues and their top leadership challenges.

Executive Coaching Services

  • Individual, Group and Team Coaching
  • Executive Onboarding and Transition Coaching
  • Executive and Leadership Assessment
  • Accelerate trajectory of POC, Women and Veterans
  • Diverse, global team
  • Senior Level with a minimum of 10 years of experience
  • Former executives who’ve managed P&Ls
  • Authentic, mature, curious and fearless

On average, our coaches have 20+ years of experience.

Top Five Focus Areas


Vertical Development Differentiator

We meet leaders where they are. We pay attention to the relationship between the leader’s developmental stage and the developmental demands being placed upon them by the organization system. We help leaders understand their predictable and understandable development stages to:

  • expand their capacity  for perspective taking
  • learn to draw on new possibilities for emotional intelligence
  • make new choices in how to coach and adapt to others
  • see the world differently and maximize options for leadership

Innolect Executive Coaching Value Proposition

  • Provide vertical development coaching to meet leaders where they are
  • Ensure trust with complete confidentiality
  • Build internal capacity in addition to skills
  • Offer thought leadership with proprietary, research-based books, resources and tools
  • Engage the leader’s manager/sponsor to accelerate results
  • Customize each engagement to build on a leader’s success and address potential career derailers
  • 98% client retention
  • Track-record of promotions and accelerated development
  • Awarded Conference Board Gold Book Recognition with Pfizer
  • Listening Framework accredited by the International Coach Federation

What Our Clients Say

“… I will say that this is the first time that I have worked with consultants who engage authentically. (They) gained the trust of the team and took personal interest in the outcome.”

“We were able to put together a strategy to improve my work life balance…Having worked at a higher intensity level for the last couple of years, I’ve noticed I am more productive and effective…”

Innolect Coaching Resources

Executive Coaching Blogs

The Unexpected Benefits of Executive Coaching

Executive coaching has long been recognized as a powerful tool for leaders seeking to improve their performance and leadership skills. However, beyond the obvious advantages, there are several unexpected benefits that can have a profound impact on both professional and personal growth. Let’s explore some of the surprising perks that come with executive coaching: Combat …

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How Executive Coaching Enhances Profitability

For most organizations, profitability is the primary goal. While there are countless strategies and tactics employed to boost profitability, an often overlooked and very effective route is executive coaching. The transformative process of executive coaching focuses on developing the leadership mindset and skills of top-level executives. This enables them to drive business success and maximize …

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Partner with an Executive Coach

Why Hire an Executive Coach?

As an executive or someone in a leadership position, it can be challenging to keep up with the ever-growing demands of the workplace. The higher you climb the corporate ladder, the more people expect from you. However, many leaders bristle at the idea of hiring an executive coach.  You have the skills, experience, background and …

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Leadership Assessment

When leaders achieve greater awareness and understanding about their aspirations, abilities and others’ perceptions, they make better choices. Using various assessment tools and strategies, we provide accurate perceptions of each leader’s strengths as well as areas for improvement. Innolect’s assessment expertise allows us to:

  • Discover success factors of top talent
  • Determine self-awareness and emotional intelligence
  • Identify strategic thinking, business acumen and decision analysis ability
  • Measure leadership agility, creativity, learning and influence
  • Interpret CEO and Board assessment and feedback

Innolect uses three types of assessment to help leaders learn about themselves for the role, opportunities and challenges they face.

Checklist - green marker

Horizontal Assessment

Horizontal assessment measures leader behaviors and competencies needed to perform well in a role or position. We often use 360s and multi-rater assessments to identify leader strengths as well as skills, abilities and behaviors needed to enhance their performance.

Vertical Assessment

Vertical assessment measures leaders’ progress through predictable stages of development. Using the Leadership Maturity Assessment Profile (MAP) and Global Leadership Profile, we determine how leaders make sense of the world as well as their abilities to learn and perform in complex environments, set new direction and lead change.

Contextual Assessment

Contextual assessment measures how leaders navigate and understand their organization’s culture and political environment. Leaders accelerate their transition success when they understand unwritten rules, performance expectations and cultural norms.

Our consultants are certified to administer and interpret over 40 assessments including:

  • Leadership Circle 360
  • Leadership Maturity Assessment Profile (MAP)
  • Global Leadership Profile
  • MyWorldView
  • DiSC
  • Resilience Inventory
  • EQ 2.0
  • Innolect Behavioral 360
  • Lominger Voices
  • Denison 360
  • Myers-Briggs Type Indicator
  • Thomas-Kilmann Conflict Mode Instrument
  • Advocacy-Inquiry Inventory
  • Communication Preference Profile
  • Listener Preference Profile
  • Watson-Barker Listening Test

Leader/Manager Development

Leaders are expected to perform across departments and borders while honoring diversity and inclusion. Whether modernizing traditional, top-down hierarchies, or elevating agile, collaborative organizations to new phases of productivity, leaders are expected to build teams that accelerate results and assure sustainability of the enterprise.

We work with organizations to grow leaders, build strong talent pipelines and improve workplace performance. We:

  • Provide Training (Cohort, Classroom and Virtual/Online)
  • Develop Diverse Leaders (Women, People of Color, Veterans) using creative, non-traditional methods
  • Build Leadership Teamsthat collaborate to perform wisely, faster and more creatively
  • Equip Leaders to Guide Strategic Change
  • Achieve Financial Objectives while “doing good”

Develop and Retain Middle Managers

Voluntary Turnover is costing U.S. businesses a TRILLION dollars per year (Wharton). A recent Gallup survey shows the high level of importance workers place on manager-employee relations, with their direct supervisors and/or senior leadership being a primary reason for leaving their previous jobs. Additionally, even though more HR leaders plan to increase their hiring, many except to continue to lose Top Talent. Innolect can help you build inclusive cultures where employees and leaders want to stay!

The main reason people give when they voluntarily leave an organization is due to their relationship with management. The solution to this issue starts with middle management. "It's not broken people; it's a broken system."

Listening is key to any great relationship, and it is critical to effective manager-employee relations. At Innolect, we create Listening Leaders. Our Listening Architecture℠ is a deliberately planned, strategic approach to learn and gain insight about employees. It provides qualitative and quantitative methods at the individual, team and system levels.

Middle Managers Learn to:

  • Improve Manager-Employee Relations
  • Increase Employee Recognition
  • Offer Employee Development
  • Listen and Act on Feedback


  • Reduced Voluntary Turnover
  • Increases Retention
  • Strengthens Relationships
  • Improves Employee Experience
  • Enhances Engagement and Inclusion Scores
  • Accelerates Productivity
  • Reduces Litigation and Grievance Risks

Additional Resources

Employee Engagement

Explore our articles on increasing Employee Engagement and Reducing Voluntary Turnover.

Leaders Can Halt the Great Resignation — Stop Talking & Start Listening

Learn how listening to employees and customers is the fastest way to improve products, services and overall performance.

Pay It Forward: Give It All You Know

Great leaders pay it forward by sharing their knowledge and experience with the next generation.

Executive Communication

What, when and how to communicate is often left up to chance. Rather than a reactive approach, we work with leaders to view communication as a strategic advantage. Our experts help leaders invest in and value communication as an asset rather than liability. Effective leaders deliver: 

  • Messaging from the listener’s point of view
  • Clear strategic change messages
  • Compelling and powerful stories
  • Proactive and intentional communication

Communicate with Impact

Effective leaders possess at least one communication asset — and most develop two or more. Whether storytelling, clarity, passion, simplicity, authenticity, empathy, responsiveness, executive presence, or charisma, Innolect works with leaders to understand the communication choices they make to create “strategic in the moment” impressions during presentations, meetings, and informal interactions. 

Communication 360

Innolect’s proprietary assessment process helps leaders identify and address key targets for improvement in the areas of interpersonal skills, facilitation, and presentation skills. The behavioral assessment and feedback report provides recommendations to enhance or build new communication skills/techniques.

Listening Leaders

Leaders and employees take short cuts when it comes to listening --- faking attention, making assumptions, rehearsing responses, failing to retain pertinent information and fading in and out of conversations. The most effective executives, managers, sales professionals and customer service representatives understand the power of listening strategically to build relationships and influence others.

Learn how to build listening cultures » Innolect’s Strategic Listening Architecture Methodology and Tools

Innolect is the industry leader with its award-winning research, services, assessments, books and resources. We help leaders:

Adapt to differing listener styles and preferences

  • Increase sales effectiveness
  • Get heard - capture and keep attention
  • Understand other’s perspective and opinions
  • Gain insights across generations
  • Pick-up on nonverbal cues

Build powerful relationship networks

  • Test assumptions and ask for clarification
  • Observe and listen to body language
  • Manage distractions
  • Listen across time – people appreciate that
  • Attend to another person’s underlying needs rather than trying to “fix” them

Develop listening intelligence success

  • Demonstrate empathy - listen for facts as well as emotions
  • Avoid irritating habits or distractions
  • Engage others - ask questions to deepen understanding
  • Reduce costly listening errors and mistakes
Book Cover Innolect Listenning Leaders

Innolect is accredited to provide Continuing Coach Education Credits for both:

  • Listening Leaders Workshop
  • Effective Listening Workshop

Our workshops help coaches gain and maintain their accreditation. Each program has been approved for the following Continuing Coach Education credits:

Core Competency 6 hours
Resource Development 3 hours

Course Description
Innolect’s Listening Leaders and Effective Listening workshops offer thought leadership and practical applications developed over the last 30 years. Our proprietary listening assessments and research has been published in such journals as Chief Learning Officer, People+Strategy, Journal of Business Education, Personality and Individual Differences, Training and Development, Communication Education and Feedback. Our award-winning programs and workshops have been presented to thousands of people around the globe and help participants both learn and enhance their listening skills and abilities.

The importance of listening is well-documented. Use of effective listening skills helps leaders and coaches learn, develop trust, gain understanding and build effective long-term relationships. Innolect’s listening workshops and webinars include self-assessment, new knowledge and practical skills. Each learning experience is designed to help participants learn how to listen in ways that place them in a desirable position to build trusted relationships and long-term partnerships as well as influence behavior change.


  • Build awareness about the value of effective listening and cost of listening breakdowns and misunderstandings.
  • Identify irritating listening habits, dangerous assumptions and barriers to effective listening.
  • Diagnose and learn personal listening preferences, barriers, and habits.
  • Develop new, practical skills and techniques to improve listening to use immediately and includes skills that build an OPEN-CHECK-CLOSE strategy.

To schedule and in-house webinar or workshop for Continuing Coach Education credit, please send your inquiries to

Sustainable Legacies℠ Leadership

Sustainable LegaciesSM services, programs and tools help clients grow leadership talent while building mutually beneficial partnerships with community nonprofits. Through carefully designed external volunteer experiences, we offer innovative ways to develop new leadership skills and capabilities while providing highly valued talent and business acumen to local nonprofits.


These experiences help clients:

  • Retain high-potential employees
  • Enhance employee volunteerism
  • Engage Gen Y and Z employees
  • Reinforce social responsibility efforts
  • Offer purpose, meaning and significance at work

Sustainable Legacies experiences fulfill the needs of both corporations and nonprofits while building new skills and capabilities for leaders who volunteer.

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