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Clarifying Priorities

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 “It was the first time we agreed on our criteria, visualized how our ideas stacked up, and established real priorities.”  

C. Sushak, Novartis


Do you have more ideas

and initiatives than time

or money to do them all?


The benefits of Priority & Focus are real!

    • Save 30-40% resource time that is wasted switching between too many projects
    • Speed up results 20 — 50% with a critical mass of talent focused on key priorities
    • Enhance your overall return and productivity of invested resources
    • Create agreement on criteria for selection and alignment on critical priorities
    • Assure transparency and sense of “fair process” among stakeholders
    • Clarify the purpose and objectives of each idea in an understandable framework
    • Quantify the key parameters and compare the overall portfolio visually
    • Document decisions and build a system for updating and dynamic management

The only thing worse than putting a good idea on the back burner is keeping everything going and getting nothing done on the great ideas …

A portfolio perspective involves information flow, discussion, debate and ultimately, decision-making across boundaries for the benefit of the enterprise.

Assessing and setting priorities improves efficiency, productivity, speed, flexibility, accomplishment of objectives and return on investment.


Key Principles of our Proven Process for

Prioritizing Ideas, Projects and Initiatives

  • Appropriate framing of each idea
  • Clear objectives, value, cost and risks
  • Consideration of all stakeholders
  • Meaningful reliable information
  • A credible and quantitative assessment
  • Clear priorities, leading to action
  • Alignment with objectives
  • Transparency and sense of “fair process”

 Read our recent article about “Clarifying Priorities” (read pdf file)

Ways to Get Started:

Executive Briefing (half day)

  • Concepts and value of prioritizing ideas
  • Case studies showing process and results
  • Roles of decision-makers and teams

Pilot Project Facilitation

  • Engagement of multiple stakeholders
  • Assessment of ideas / opportunities
  • Clarifying priorities and focused execution

Internal Capability Development

  • Advanced workshop for practitioners
  • Tools and techniques for the process
  • Coaching to get up experience curve
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