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Executive Transitions and Onboarding



“I feel like Innolect helps us see when we are shiny or dull. Their optimism around thinking and acting positively has been very helpful with our new management team. We are looking forward to continuing our relationship for a long time!”

Customer Service Dir.,  Global Mfg. Co.


Accelerate Their Best…,  Right from the Start

Successful transitions are critical in today’s organizations, yet few companies provide the necessary training and support executives need to “hit the ground running.” In fact, recent studies indicate that 30-50% of newly hired leaders fail and leave within 18 months.

Ensuring a positive trajectory for integrating new executive talent requires a systematic approach. After identifying critical success factors for the first 100 days, Innolect’s customized onboarding process helps executives:

    • learn the business and culture;
    • cultivate key relationships;
    • create a foundation for building a high performing team; and
    • leverage his or her strengths.

What is Onboarding or Transition Coaching?

Our coaches expedite how quickly new hires learn and leverage essential information…we ensure executive talent is properly oriented, integrated, developed and launched in order to:

    • Build leader bench strength for filling critical positions
    • Accelerate fast-track promotions
    • Develop leaders of leaders
    • Expedite adjustment and transition to new country/culture/role

Onboarding and Transition Coaches provide a customized process to ensure that essential leaders are properly oriented, integrated, developed and launched. The Innolect process begins by identifying role specific success factors and selecting relevant and critical “first 100 days” goals. Innolect provides each leader with customized coaching support to ensure completion of targeted goals and coordinates communication with corporate stakeholders to manage expectations.

Offer when an Executive:

    • Comes onboard from outside the organization and within the same industry;
    • Enters from outside the organization and from a different industry;
    • Moves from one division or function to another within the same organization; and/or
    • Is an important acquisition or merger investment.
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