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Sustainable LegaciesSM, Innolect’s flagship programs,  help clients grow leadership talent while building mutually beneficial partnerships with community nonprofits. Through carefully designed external volunteer experiences, we offer innovative ways to develop new leadership skills and capabilities while providing much needed talent and business acumen to local nonprofits.

What is the Value?

  • Provides “real life” experience to accelerate the development of skills
  • Expands the reach of a company’s talent development strategy
  • Exposes nonprofits to business best practices and new skills
  • Aligns community nonprofits with businesses needs
  • Supports resource-strapped nonprofits

Who is it for?

  • High-potential employees…IMG_1524
    • Are highly motivated to give back to the world
    • Seek employers who give company time for volunteering
  • Gen Y employees…
    • Are more likely to choose socially responsible companies
    • Stay with employers committed to social responsibility
  • Seasoned, mid-career leaders…
    • Are looking for meaning and significance at work
    • Want volunteer experiences to offer job enrichment

Why engage in the program?

Innolect’s Sustainable LegaciesSM program builds mutually beneficial partnerships between nonprofit and business leaders who wish to adopt an innovative talent development strategy. Using an external volunteer experience for growing leaders, Innolect works in partnership to identify a range of opportunities with selected community nonprofits. The experience fulfills the needs of nonprofits while building new skills and capabilities for the leaders who volunteer. We attract clients who want to leave positive legacies that better the world. Corporate social responsibility (CSR) builds stronger communities, more attractive workplaces and more engaged employees.

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