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Strategic Change

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“I am delighted to be reminded of the power of employee engagement in change . . . This has been a tremendous team activity led by your passion that has spread like a virus across a network.  So thank you for being a contagion and amplifying the spread.”

Division VP, Electronics Co.


Strategic Change

  • Framework and process to drive on-target, sustainable, system learning and change.
  • Integrated principles, approaches, practices, and strategies that organization use to develop and guide change.
  • Transformation at every level – individual, team, groups and enterprise.

Two integrated steps of strategic change:

  • Design (creating the map), and
  • Facilitation (guiding the journey).

Innolect’s clear, explicit values for change:

  1. People matter  (humanistic philosophy)
  2. We all deserve a voice  (democratic principles)
  3. You’re the experts  (client-centered practices)
  4. Experience leads to learning and change  (action-oriented processes)
  5. Use tested theories and research  (applied behavioral science)

Innolect’s Approach:

  • We operate most effectively and efficiently through a partnership between internal and external consulting resources.
  • We depend on the clarity of a contract that outlines mutual expectations, desired outcomes, and metrics to document anticipated progress.
  • We support the design and implementation of specific programs and activities that:
    1. Sets direction–e.g., practical vision, business development strategies, IDPs
    2. Promotes alignment–e.g., purpose/mission statements, service strategies
    3. Activates learning–e.g., executive coaching, leader development
    4. Strengthens capacity–e.g., team development, succession management
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