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Setting Vision & Values


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“…please accept a heartfelt written thank you for all the thought and energy that went 
into the planning of the programme.

Exhilirating, thought-provoking,
challenging, informative ….. and exhausting!!”

Sr. Executive, Bayer Crop Science

Setting Vision & Values

Employee Inclusion

Employee Engagement

Most organizations aspire to have a Vision and set of Values that can guide behavior.  Sometimes the most engaging way to craft and communicate Vision and Values is to bring together a cross-section of employees for an open airing and alignment of views.


It Can Be Frustrating

Frustration abounds when Vision and Values are established, shared and met with a “So what?” or “It’s just words on a piece of paper.”


The Employee Engagement Approach

Employees and other stakeholders gain confidence in and actively support an organization when the Vision and Values define a core philosophy and expectations for how it will be achieved. The most effective approaches to Vision and Values development and communications have certain characteristics in common:

  •  They establish a clear identity and direction.
  •  They are not shaped by a small handful of leaders and managers; they instead emerge from a highly-interactive process.
  •  It is clear how they will be translated into actions that will shape a new future.

Innolect facilitates:

  • Involvement of all stakeholder groups in Vision and Values development.
  • Defining and refining Vision and Values statements.
  • Communicating new directions in Vision and Values.
  • Engaging organizations to change behaviors to align with the Vision and Values.
  • Assessing and monitoring the degree the Vision and Values are alive and present.


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