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How Does “Virtual” Work for

Spread out Organizatons?

Globalization, technological advances, telecommuting, and outsourcing have created workplaces where leaders rarely see the individuals they lead, and often struggle to use their skills without face-to-face contact. With so many leaders managing team members who are living in different time zones, countries, and continents, or even just in different locations in the same city, there is an ever increasing need for people who don’t see each other frequently to figure out how to work better together.  Leaders are expected to create and manage virtual teams in ways that ensure successful launches of projects, good decision making as well as to maintain the commitment of team members doing work together.

Innolect’s Approach for Virtual Meetings:

The following are a sampling of best practices collected using interviews, focus groups and our own experiences in working with global and virtual teams.

  • Get to know participants as individuals – greet them by name and location
  • Build a virtual community, acknowledging cultural preferences for interaction
  • Connect team members to the larger organization by actively facilitating collaboration
  • Find creative ways to provide opportunities for visibility from a distance (video, shared desktops, etc.)
  • Distribute suggested ground rules and meeting etiquette ahead of time
  • Prepare an alignment tools for members to use moving forward (agendas, collaboration sites, etc.)
  • Assign a facilitator, a timekeeper, and a recorder for notes to distribute right after the meeting
  • Identify yourself each time you speak and be fully present; avoid multi-tasking

Innolect offers workshops and coaching on proven approaches to create, develop and operate a virtual team and for global clients to establish the right culture to function as highly effective virtual organizations.

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