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Facilitation for Critical Team Meetings

“Your outstanding facilitation has put our board on a path to greatness…”

M. Evans, Southern Company


More than just agenda management, an experienced facilitator can identify, anticipate and guide groups toward productive communication pathways and desired meeting outcomes.

Innolect’s experienced facilitators anticipate what is actually happening and can enable the group to make it discussible…

  • When it absolutely, positively has to be decided now (business threat, legal issues, strategic opportunity, etc.);
  • When you need a neutral third party, confidential, facilitator and neutral location;
  • When the right questions need to be asked and multiple stakeholders engaged;
  • When you need a structured methodology to get to agreement and alignment with a commitment to act

Our Master Facilitators:

  • Enable the exchange of ideas, information, and opinions.
  • Provide structure and engage subject matter experts.
  • Offer proven decision making approaches that ensure the group arrives at results that are jointly created, understood and accepted by all participants.
  • Create a safe environment and opportunity to engage issues head on.
  • Build a shared experience for learning and transformation.
  • Increase consensus-building.
  • Adapt in the moment to meet highest priority objectives
  • Increase chances for getting actual work done.

Our Approach to Facilitating Critical Meetings


  • Increases cross-functional collaboration
  • Builds safe environments for risk-taking and effective conflict management
  • Fosters commitment and trust by getting all the voices in the room
  • Cultivates shared accountability and end-to-end ownership
  • Aligns goals and processes to business strategy
  • Stimulates interdependency to achieve goals
  • Fosters creativity and innovation

Key Challenges – In Person and Virtual Meetings

  1. How do people stay in the loop?
  2. How to transform boring virtual meetings into meetings where people feel engaged?
  3. What engagement techniques/strategies will get everyone’s voice into the meeting?
  4. When to use social networking tools for gathering information, communicating, etc.?
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