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Designing a Great Global Team Annual Meeting

The Vice President of a Pharmaceutical Company needed assistance with the design and facilitation of a culminating experience for 250 participants. The challenge included maintaining high involvement at the end of a week of professional orientation and education as well as drawing on widely varying experience, widely varying tenure, and a number of different languages, cultural backgrounds, and ethnicities.

Specifically, he wanted this final Connectivity-building activity to:

  • Integrate what they had learned from preceding presentations and activities at the Forum
  • Apply and focus learning on a relevant, important business issue
  •  Expand and deepen their personal network of connections with worldwide colleagues
  • Enhance important skills required for collaboration and teamwork
  • Exercise their creativity in a stimulating framework

Innolect proposed that the final activity be linked to an overarching focus question related to a current, pressing business issue and introduced this question to participants at the beginning of the forum to guide their thinking and inquiry.
Participants were divided into maximum diversity teams of 8-10 people and invited to find a way to “show” their answer in “the most dramatic, creative way” that they could imagine. The morning of the last day, the entire Forum viewed all teams’ presentations.


The overall design required senior leaders, the meeting planning team, and all participants to access the four core competencies of Innovative Intelligence (clarity, courage, collaboration, and creativity). The Vice President and other senior leaders expressed great satisfaction both with the depth of thinking they saw in the 20+ answers to the focus question and with the creativity and spirit of teamwork they observed in the presentations.



Aspirations - highway and arrow cloudHigher-Performing Teams To Higher-Performing Business

An ultimate organizational excellence endeavor is one that leads teams to better interaction which in turn leads the business to dramatically improved performance.When several statewide hospital systems merged into one multi-state system, senior leaders and employees throughout the new organization wondered about many of the same things — most immediately, “Which strategies will prevail, and will I have a role in the new organization?” There was widespread anxiety and public airing of concerns related to overlapping service areas, redundant capacity and quality issues.

Leaders of the new multi-state hospital system engaged Innolect to design and facilitate a comprehensive plan to build cooperation across advisory board members, teams and centers of influence, and then tap into the improved teamwork to drive lasting organizational improvements. Innolect consultants:
– Provided team and individual coaching and facilitation
– Designed a new organization structure and plans for product lines
– Created a new cross-facility product/service management committee
– Worked with HR to identify new career pathing, compensation programs, and onsite and online information and training programs


Turmoil was quickly minimized and the organization stabilized. The company successfully retained all managers identified as “key talent.” Teamwork and integrated decision making improved. Within 18 months of the initiation of the overall project, the product/service management group was credited with increasing profitability of existing services by 8 percent.



maWCql6qKrUO_zdO2L2NmHHBn8AtGtSUXdTbKik0BRESuccession Challenge to Build

A Top-Flight Senior Team

A medium-size construction company’s President needed a team he could count on. The challenge: to develop a system for hiring and grooming the right senior managers.

After ten years in business, the President of a medium-size construction firm found himself and his firm at an impasse. The company had been successful, but he anticipated an increasingly competitive future. As he thought about recent experiences, he realized that he was having trouble assessing, hiring, promoting and retaining senior level project managers crucial to construction project execution.

Typically, project managers were technically adept, but lacked superior management and leadership skills. The President engaged Innolect consultants to enhance the company’s Capability. Working with the President, Innolect consultants designed an initiative to:
– Identify necessary job competencies
– Establish performance standards and measures
– Groom internal candidates for specific positions
– Evaluate the initiative’s impact


In short order, two qualified and successful senior project managers were in place; one manager self-selected out of the position and accepted a more junior position; one candidate was de-considered for promotion; and another candidate — previously undervalued — was promoted. The company hired its first senior project manager from outside the company using the new approach.

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