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Team Decision Making

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“Rather than arguing about who was right, we were able to see all of our options and quantify the value and risks in a way that made our selected path and contingencies clear. From where we started, it got us to agreement quickly so we could meet our launch deadline”

S. Barnette, Delta Air Lines


Critical Questions Before Making a Decision

  1. What’s stopping us from getting what we want from our current approach?
  2. What would we need to know in order to consider doing something different from what we are currently doing?
  3. Who needs to be engaged to assure so that if we decide to do something new, they will work with us on the change?

Principles of Team Decision Making

  • Clear governance – engagement of decision maker(s) from the start
  • Clarity on the objectives and criteria for the decision
  • Considering all stakeholders and engaging them appropriately
  • Facilitating the conversation to assure balanced input
  • Use of a capable, transparent decision process that fits the situation
  • Understanding the strategic questions and potential decision traps
  • Creating an appropriate frame and creating viable alternatives
  • Using credible sources of information on risks and uncertainties
  • Communicating the insights and tradeoffs to enable selection of the optimal path
  • Achieving a commitment to action with the people, money and time to assure success

Innolect Offers:

Professional Decision Facilitation

Experienced facilitators work with your decision-makers and stakeholders to achieve clarity on a complex situation.

Internal Capability Development

We train and coach internal resources to become experienced decision facilitators for your organization.


Ways to Get Started:

Team Briefing (half day)

  • Concepts and value of decision quality
  • Case studies showing the process and deliverables
  • Roles of decision-makers and teams

Critical Decision Facilitation

  • Multiple stakeholder engagement
  • Complexity, uncertainty and risk analysis
  • Value of an independent facilitator
  • Urgency and materiality for the business

Internal Capability Development

  • Advanced workshop for practitioners
  • Tools and techniques kit
  • Coaching to get up experience curve


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