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Virtual Meetings

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“Innolect provided a platform from which my team began to operate… They set the stage on how we would deal with conflict resolution and setting goals.  Otherwise, we would have stayed at comfort level… I will say that this is the first time that I have worked with consultants who engage authentically,… gained the trust of the team and took personal interest in the outcome.”

President and CEO, Energy/Utilities

What Difference Does it Make

to Work Virtually?

The growing trend toward virtual teams requires non-traditional leadership and management practices. The complexity of virtual teams pose challenges that traditional meeting management techniques fail to address. Effective leaders learn to how to gain trust, leverage  collaborative practices and integrate virtual technologies to be successful. When a new virtual team is created, it typically begins as nothing more than a collection of individuals. The leader’s role from the start is to develop these individuals into a coherent and well integrated work unit that provides the capability for the team to self manage itself.

Innolect’s Approach

  • Integrate virtual engagement strategies
  • Provide virtual knowledge management techniques
  • Establish virtual team norms and expectations
  • Provide process and evaluation options
  • Adapt to cultural and generational differences
  • Build regular communication practices
  • Offer fresh, nontraditional methods to build cohesion, participation and agreement
  • Learn and engage new facilitation techniques and skills

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