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We help clients bridge the uncertainty gap between before and after COVID-19. Remote work creates challenges as leaders and teams navigate how to both stay connected and collaborate effectively. Our team of executive coaches and master facilitators are helping clients:

  • Facilitate virtual strategic and scenario planning sessions
  • Manage their new environments with virtual webinars and teambuilding sessions
  • Learn with new platforms and development options
  • Grow talent with leadership assessment and executive coaching

Critical Meeting Facilitation

Times of great uncertainty necessitate agile thinking to design both short and long-term alternatives. Our master facilitators guide strategy development and decision-making and help teams solve problems, innovate and implement change. We promote “fresh thinking” and intentional practices that DIVERGE (Zoom Out) and CONVERGE (Zoom In) to address complex business challenges.

We offer:

  • Scenario Planning (for uncertain futures)
  • Strategic Planning and Organization Alignment
  • Strategic Thinking, Problem Solving and Decision Making

Webinars and Learning Events

As leaders navigate how to help employees learn, stay connected and collaborate, remote work presents both opportunities and challenges. We deliver customized, engaging, participative, blended learning experiences in 60-minute to multi-day formats. Our events use:

  • Collaborative and Customizable Formats
  • Subject Matter Expert Facilitation Team
  • Interactive, Instructional Strategies
  • Award-winning Design Expertise

Delivery Methods: Zoom, WebEx, Microsoft Teams, etc. (use breakout rooms to support personal connections and increase participation)

Support for Internal L&D Leaders: needs assessors, instructional designers, subject matter experts, rehearsal and feedback coaches, trainers of trainers and facilitators

Time Frame: 60 to 120-minute sessions

Audience Size: 4 to 20

Webinar Topics
(ever-changing to address new business environments)

  • Employee Health – Nurture Mental Stability and Mindfulness
  • Finding Focus and Connection in Uncertain Times
  • Five Stories All Leaders Need to Know How to Tell
  • Inclusion and Engagement for Remote Teams
  • Keys to Resilience during Unprecedented Change
  • Leaders as Key Communicators: Bridge the Gap
  • Leading Others through Turbulence
  • Listening and Empathy: Secrets to Employee Engagement
  • Organizational Whitewater: Leading during Chaos and Crisis
  • Navigating the Polarities of Personal Resilience
  • Scenario Planning for Uncertain Futures
  • Team Alignment: Embracing New Priorities

Facilitated Dialogue Sessions

Engage workgroups, employee resource groups and leadership teams in meaningful conversations and connection

Fire-side Chats and Living Room Conversations

  • Finding Meaning, Your Life Calling and Purpose
  • Navigating New Territory with Remote Teams
  • Top Three Team Challenges
  • Survival Skills for Working Couples


Remote workers need to collaborate effectively as a team. We help employees think differently and address business challenges while having fun. Each customized event is led by skilled facilitators who engage in fast-paced, experiential learning processes.

We offer:

  • Team Learning and Assessments
  • “Living Room” Dialogues and Fireside Chats
  • Shared Problem-solving Challenges and Simulations
  • Icebreakers and Employee Engagement Tools

Executive Assessment and Coaching

With today’s talent gaps, organizations want to understand leader’s capability to lead. We help clients identify skill gaps and determine who is ready for advancement. In addition, we coach, develop and transition leaders to reach their full potential and achieve ongoing success.

Executive Assessment

Our assessment experts guide leaders to interpret feedback reports and apply what they learn.

We offer:


Executive Coaching and Onboarding

Today’s complexity and ambiguity require executives who are prepared and ready to lead. And, even the best leaders need support. Our virtual ICF-certified executive coaches:

  • Support leaders working within constantly evolving environments
  • Help leaders navigate today’s and tomorrow’s unprecedented challenges and uncertainty

We offer:

  • Onboarding and Leader Transition Coaching
  • Vertical Adult Development
  • Group and Team Coaching

Microlearning Platform

Alliance Partner - Athena Online

To deliver “Just in Time” lessons in under 5-minutes, Athena created the first microlearning platform. It has remained a leader in the development and delivery of online learning programs with over 2,700 microlearning modules that are perfect for on-the-go work teams.

athena online ao

Organization Assessment

Organization Network Analysis

Alliance Partner – Partnering Resources

The connections among and between employees is critical for information-sharing, decision-making and innovation. We work with Partnering Resources, a management consulting company, to help individuals, teams, and organizations thrive in our networked world. We use deep knowledge of networks, defined as the webs of relationships that exist in every organization, to help accelerate change and transition employees to the desired future state with minimum disruption and productivity loss.

Focus Group Implementation

Leaders are curious about how teams, employees and customers are dealing with uncertainty. Our expertise in designing, planning and facilitating virtual focus groups helps provide a safe forum to discuss issues important to key stakeholders. We help:

  • Provide a Systematic Plan
  • Select Participants and Facilitator(s)
  • Develop Guidelines with Targeted Questions
  • Offer Training Tips for Successful Focus Groups
  • Analyze the Data and Report Results

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