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How Leaders Stay True to Their Mission and Purpose during Fresh Starts

In a world of uncertainty, employes see leaders pursuing the next “shiny” thing to ensure their survival, especially at the beginning of a new year, new quarter or even on their birthday. Researchers call this the “Fresh Start Effect.” Significant dates often cause us to reflect on what could change for the better, and many of us vow to make a new start. Unfortunately, when leaders jump from one target to another, employees are confused about where to focus and what is important. They may even look elsewhere for direction, purpose and value.

At the launch of 2023, we encourage leaders to maintain focus on their mission and purpose whenever there is uncertainty. Before redirecting to start anything new, make certain the initiative is clearly linked to your organization’s guiding principles and vision.

Consider the following lesson to help you stay on track:
During midwestern winters, farmers can get lost in a blizzard even if only going a short distance. One resourceful man placed a cast iron ring on the doorframe of his farmhouse and another on the doorframe of his barn. When a blizzard was forecasted, he would attach a line between both rings so he could stay on the path between his house and barn. Keeping a grip on the line, he traveled safely in the right direction with no fear of losing his way.

As you begin the new year, remind yourself frequently of what guides your leadership journey. Just like a safety line, use your company’s vision and values to remind your employees and yourself of your mission and purpose. They create the guiding lifeline to ensure everyone stays on track and works with united resolve.

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