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Inclusion, Diversity, and Belonging

The workplace, teams, and organizations are increasingly becoming more and more culturally, ethnically and individually diverse. In order to attract and retain top talent in this diverse workforce, it is critical to build a high-integrity environment where all employees are valued, involved, supported and respected. Below, we have outlined how Innolect’s inclusion and assessment services can help companies thrive and surpass their competition. 

Why Inclusion & Diversity Training is Important

Unfortunately, without awareness and proper training, employees can unintentionally offend and alienate others with inappropriate jokes/language, stereotyping, lack of recognition, thoughtless comments, or negative body language. Without training, when employees do notice inappropriate behavior, they often remain silent and think, “Someone else should say something” or “I’ll say something later.” This situation can quickly lead to the work environment feeling tense and unsafe for everyone.

What Our Collaborations are Designed to do:

Innolect explores ways to reconcile, influence and appreciate cultural, ethnic and individual differences. Our inclusion and diversity programs and assessment services offer compelling, intentional, experiential methods to assess, design, develop and deliver results. These practices provide strategic and disciplined points of views to increase engagement, retention, belonging, and productivity. 

These collaborations are designed to:

  • Improve the quality of work life by using fair and consistent treatment.
  • Provide equal growth opportunities for ALL employees.
  • Create an inclusive environment where respect, understanding and encouragement of others, in and outside the company, is a business imperative.

Services and Programs:

  • The Business Case for Diversity – Using the most current research and best practices, we design and facilitate approaches to educate, build awareness and gain understanding for the value of and business impact of diversity and inclusion.
  • Employee Engagement – We help employees commit, both emotionally and intellectually, to accomplishing the work, mission, and vision of organizations. With engagement at an all-time low, we discover internal barriers, design participative approaches and implement actions customized to specific issues or concerns.
  • Employee Resource Groups (ERG) and Leader Development – A key value of joining and/or serving as an ERG Leader is an opportunity to develop new capabilities, skills, and visibility. We help to develop leader pipelines with diverse future leaders and offer unique learning opportunities through Sustainable Legacies℠ programs aligned with D&I objectives.
  • The Courage to A.C.T. workshop helps build a culture of inclusion and leads to increased respect, productivity, profitability, higher job satisfaction and lower turnover. It takes participants out of their comfort zones. Participants take what they learn back to the job and know what to say or do when noticing inappropriate comments or behavior.
  • Engaging and Valuing Talent – Innolect’s ROI workshop identifies inclusion factors that increase employee engagement. Participants learn personal work patterns and behaviors that stimulate a culture shift leading to increased engagement and productivity. When employees feel valued, job satisfaction goes up, turnover goes down and productivity improves.
  • Interpretation Required: Working Across Generations – There is a need to prepare for and integrate the next generation of employees, yet few organizations have prepared leaders to work with five distinct generations. Leaders receive help in how to work across generations to better select, assess, engage, develop and retain talent.

At Innolect, we are known for helping our clients “Think Differently.” We help build the foundation for employees to bring their best selves to their work. If you are looking for innovative ways to build a strong, inclusive team and retain top talent, contact us today. Additionally, our products and assessments will help you develop new skills and capabilities to grow the leader in yourself and your team.