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Innolect Leadership

Kittie W. Watson, Ph.D. — President & Founder
Barbara Braham, Ph.D., MCC — Coaching & Assessment Practice Leader
Randy Chittum, Ph.D. – Transformational Leadership Practice Leader 
Peter Norlin, Ph.D. — Strategic Change Practice Leader
Michael E. Perry, Ph.D – Military Veteran Practice Leader
Rebecca Ripley, M.S. — Sustainable Legacies℠  Practice Leader

Innolect Consultants

Frances Baldwin, RN, MSN – Consultant / Executive Coach
Jessica Bronzert, MBA, ACC, SPHR, SHRM-SCP – Consultant / Executive Coach
Debra Casalino, MA, PCC – Senior Consultant / Executive Coach
Adam Chalker, M.Ed., PCC – Consultant / Executive Coach
Carole Daruna, Ph.D. — Senior Consultant / Executive Coach
Michael Fleming, Ed.D., SPHR- Senior Consultant / Executive Coach
Steve Heller, PCC – Executive Coach
Harry Hutson, Ph.D. — Senior Consultant / Executive Coach

Kristin Kaufman – Executive Coach
Virginia Klamon, Ph.D. – Senior Consultant / Executive Coach
Mike McGinley, MBA, PCC – Senior Consultant / Executive Coach
Brian Moates – Excursion Learning Facilitator
Wendy Perry, RN – Consultant
Gerri Steadman, M.A. — Senior Consultant / Leadership Coach

Innolect Community Resources

Jacqui Banaszynski — Creativity Consultant
Larry L. Barker, Ph.D. — Legacy Leader
Amanda Hammett – Millennial Translator
Elizabeth Simpson – Sr. Advisor / Healthcare

European Affiliates

Kathleen Dameron, MCC — Senior Consultant
Anna Gallotti — JD, M.A., MCC – Executive Coach
Jan Zmij, MCC — Executive Coach

Strategic Partners

Athena Online
Copia Coaching and Consulting
FF Consulting – Faith Johnson, M.A.
Institute for Nonprofit Practice
Partnering Resources – Maya Townsend

Innolect Staff

Laura Labak — Financial Coordinator
Susan Miller – Government and Client Engagement Specialist
Angela Scofield – Operations Director
Kamie Wickham – Product Specialist 
Andrea Brown – Special Projects