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Lead from Within: Self-Care Strategies for Leaders

The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic and the resurgence triggered by the Delta variant has placed an incredible amount of pressure and stress on all of us. This stress is even higher for leaders. You have the added responsibility of driving business success and maintaining a safe and healthy work environment, all while navigating strange and unchartered territory. As a result, most leaders are juggling the worry they have for their business, their organization, and their employees. But who worries about the leaders?

Below, we offer 3 simple self-care strategies to help you be your best self and lead from within.

Take Care of Yourself

Just like with an oxygen mask on an airplane, you cannot properly take care of someone else (or an entire organization) until you first take care of yourself. Be aware of the basics of self-care: good sleep, good nutrition, and some exercise/activity. 


Make a list of three items each day that you can do to better take care of you. The addition of these simple tasks can make a huge impact on your cognitive, emotional, and physical well-being. Your list could include: 

  • Bring healthy snacks (and make sure you eat them).
  • Take a 2-minute physical activity break every hour—and before you join what may be stressful calls. Walk around the building, stretch or do some deep breathing.
  • Get into the habit of more restful sleep by turning off your electronic devices at least 30 minutes before bedtime, as recommended by the National Sleep Foundation. 

Understand Yourself Better by Noticing Patterns

We all experience times when our head is just not fully in the game. It happens. We’re human. But when is this happening for you? The days when you skipped lunch? After your 8th Zoom call of the day? 


Keep a journal to note what is going on for you when you do not feel fully present. This will help you identify patterns which can lead to a more conscious change.

Break Out of a Rut

Constant repetition dulls our senses and drains us of energy, even in the best leaders. If you find this is happening to you, break out of this cycle by shifting where and when you do certain tasks.


Here are a few ideas to help you switch up your routine:

  • Take calls standing up instead of sitting down.
  • Take frequent, short breaks.
  • Avoid back-to-back meetings by scheduling them for 50 minutes instead of the full hour. If you make sure the meetings end on time, use the extra 10 minutes to breathe, stretch and mentally prepare for the next one.


How Can Innolect Help?

Before we can expect the best from the people we lead, we need to ensure that we, too, are at our best. What will you do for you?

For support and assistance on improving your self-care, contact us to schedule a consultation:


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