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Leadership Resolutions for the New Year

While many people are making resolutions to better themselves in the coming year, an area that does not get much focus is resolving to become a better leader. If you are in a leadership position of any kind, it is important to find ways to continuously improve, both for yourself and for your team. Below, we have compiled five resolutions that could help you become a better leader next year. 

  1. Focus on Your Strengths

All too often, resolutions are geared toward minimizing perceived weaknesses (or cutting those things out altogether). While minimizing flaws is always useful, leaders who stand out do so because of their particular strengths. As a result, use this time to take stock of where you excel as a leader–and then identify how best to leverage those strengths. 


  1. Model Key Behaviors

As a leader, you are being watched by those around you. Your behavior is the barometer for your teams to assess what is and is not acceptable. Employees will do as you do, whether or not it is valued by your organization. Be a role model for key competencies to help ensure that the behaviors they mimic are beneficial and healthy for the organization.


  1. Manage Your Energy

Mood is contagious in an office, and so are energy levels. It is unrealistic to expect to be fired up at all times. However, if you make an effort to recharge when needed, you can portray a high positive energy that will promote stronger levels of engagement from your team. The additional benefit is that they might also catch your energy bug.


  1. Minimize Multitasking

Although multitasking was a buzz word for decades, it has since been shown to decrease productivity overall. Serial tasking works. Focus on one task at a time, and give it your full attention; then, move to the next task. This is especially important when engaging with employees. While the computer does not care if you have multiple windows open, the people in front of you feel less important if you are tackling multiple tasks when you should be focused on them and what they have to say. When engaging with others, refrain from glancing at your email, texts or paying attention to anything else. Give others the gift of your undivided attention. 


  1. Express Care and Concern for Others

Great leadership is a relational skill, and it depends entirely on how you interact with others. Whether this interaction is one-on-one or through trickle-down communication, look for ways to demonstrate that you care about the people who work for and with you. Offer sincere greetings, express concern if they’ve shared information about challenges, listen attentively and remember stories across time so you can follow-up with interest. Then, watch productivity soar!


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