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Learning Leaders Need to Know How to Navigate Uncertainty

Think for a moment about what you have learned during the recent “shelter in place” and social distance mandates. While business professionals have used video-conferencing and younger generations have used facetime for years, millions of others recently expanded their options to stay connected. If fortunate enough to have internet access, you are likely learning new skills. And who would have thought that you’d need to re-learn the “art” of washing your hands, investigate the best face mask to wear, or learn how to order groceries online? When necessity forces you out of your comfortable routines, you likely look for new possibilities and become more resourceful and creative. Exploring new ways of doing and seeing often leads to personal learning and growth.

The gift of time these last several weeks has stimulated us to finish writing a new book for learning leaders. We invite you to answer a few questions from our book, and hope they will inspire your learning journey.


  • What one learning goal, if you achieved it, would have the greatest impact on your future success or bring you JOY?
  • How will you make the time or gain the support needed to learn something new?
  • How will you design your life and work to be more purposeful?


  • How might a learning partner support your growth and development?
  • What might you gain by seeking diverse perspectives?
  • What might you need to unlearn to get you where you want to go?

We are firm believers in the need for continuous learning. One potential bright spot in the nation’s shutdown is that the ambiguity and uncertainty have provided an excellent opportunity to accelerate your learning as a leader. You can’t control the future, yet you can build a foundation to protect the future of your company, teams and families… through learning.

Note: Look to a future post for publication news of our new learning book.