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Let’s Get Vertical

What is Vertical Development?

It’s something to think about when you feel there is more.

– Are you feeling overwhelmed by the complexity you face at work?

– Are you hearing feedback that you need to be “more strategic”?

– Are you challenged to integrate multiple parts of the business into a more congruent whole?

– Are you wondering how to better recognize and address systemic issues?

– Are you yearning for something beyond efficiency and effectiveness?

If so, you may need more than new skills. You may need a new view that comes with vertical development. Current leadership research suggests two types of leadership development: horizontal and vertical. Horizontal development focuses on building a new skill, ability or behavior to address a problem or issue you’re facing. It does not involve seeing the world or your challenges from a new perspective.

Vertical development, however, refers to how individuals learn to see their experiences and challenges from a broader, more expansive perspective which opens up new possibilities and a wider range of choices. Both vertical and horizontal development are important, but most leaders are only supported in their horizontal development. Far fewer options are available when you want or need vertical development. If you face assignments with rigorous expectations, changing economic conditions, increasing competition and global uncertainty, vertical development may be what is called for. One of Innolect’s specialties is understanding and supporting vertical development in leaders.

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