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Listen Up! Train-the-Trainer Certification

For those organizations that want to master the art of listening and deliver the Listening training in-house, Innolect’s structured train-the-trainer certification approach is ideal.  “Today’s successful leaders will work diligently to engage others in their cause.  Oddly enough, the best way, by far, to engage others is by listening–seriously listening to them.  If talking and giving orders was the . . . model of the last fifty years, listening . . . is the model of the millennium and beyond.”     Tom Peters, Thriving on Chaos


Prepare Facilitators for Listen Up! Certification

      Participants will:

  • Complete Listen Up! Train-the-Trainer program.
  • Attend and actively engage in the Listen Up! Pre and Post Workshops and activities.
  • Participate fully in 21 Day online exercises and read/take test on Listen Up! book. 
  • Achieve a minimum score of 70% on Form F — Watson-Barker Listening Test
  • Co-train with a Listen Up! Certified instructor.

Complete Facilitator Guide includes:

  • Detailed agenda
  • Participant activities
  • Participant materials
  • Audio-visual support

Note: To maintain active status, trainer must train a minimum 10 individuals per year

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