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Listen Up! Care Provider Certification

Listen Up!“Today’s successful leaders will work diligently to engage others in their cause.  Oddly enough, the best way, by far, to engage others is by listening–seriously listening–to them.  If talking and giving orders was the . . . model of the last fifty years, listening . . . is the model of the millennium and beyond.”

~Tom Peters, Thriving on Chaos



Health workers and caregiver professionals are usually trained least in the communication skill they use most frequently: LISTENING.  Many, if not all of us, take short cuts when it comes to listening — faking attention, making assumptions, rehearsing responses, fading in and out of conversations, and failing to retain pertinent information. The most effective individuals, however, understand the power of listening strategically to build key relationships and influence others.

  • 61% of doctors 55 and older experience at least one malpractice law suit during their career.
  • Listening effectively to an unhappy patient and a simple apology is the number one way to avoid malpractice law suits.
  • Physicians and their staff spend less and less time communicating with patients before procedures to ensure accurate communication and understanding.
  • Physicians and their staff are trained least in the communication skill used most frequently — listening.
  • Effective listening reduces the likelihood of errors and costly patient mistakes.
  • Using effective listening skills minimizes costly communication mistakes intra-operatively and post-operatively.

NOTE: The Listen Up! Certification program is now available using a combination of workshops, online activities and participant materials.

An online version of the Listen Up! Certification Program is currently being prepared and will be available in the near future.

Listen Up Care Provider Certification
We ARE Listening!

Driving Forces (why now?):

– Rising healthcare costs
– Influence of technology to reduce interpersonal contact with clients/patients
– Increasing malpractice costs for litigation and insurance due to inadequate care issues
– Faster growing markets in US with aging workforce
– Demand for high-quality care
– Shortage of healthcare professionals

Target Audience:

– Nursing homes
– Home health care
– Home health providers
– Home care providers (non-health)
– Hospitals
– Doctor offices
– Healthcare agencies
– Healthcare staffing agencies


– Reduces litigation costs
– Improves personal relationships
– Satisfies CEU requirements

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