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Never Stop Improving!

May 5th-12th was Habitat for Humanity’s National Women Build Week. Across the country, women volunteered to help overcome the housing crisis facing numerous women and their families. Lowe’s contributes millions of dollars for supplies and leads how-to clinics to help women volunteers build nearly 2,000 homes to date. In 2012, Greater Women’s Business Council volunteered to build homes in GA, NC and SC. Innolect worked on-site in Greenville, SC this year!

Whether supporting Habitat for Humanity or one of your favorite non-profit organizations, we at Innolect encourage you to volunteer within your own communities. It is never too late to give back and to build positive legacies in your careers and lives.

With intentional planning, volunteerism can provide the leaders the added benefit of building mutually beneficial partnerships between non-profit organizations and corporations as a talent development strategy. Rather than thinking about a legacy as the last stage of a career, consider a legacy as the story that is being written each day of a leader’s working life. A leader’s daily contributions become the words, sentences, paragraphs and chapters of the legacy penned by their own hands.

No matter what stories you have written to date, new chapters are always possible. As leaders, you have daily opportunities to make choices that improve the quality of life for others. To learn more about Sustainable Legacy Leadership, read our white paper about steps you can take today.

“You can’t do anything about the length of your life but you can do something about its width and depth.” – Evan, Esar – American Humorist

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