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Listening Reminders

  • Listening preferences are determined by how, where, when, who, and what types of information we most like to receive from others.
  • The way we choose to receive information includes whether or not we find it easier to listen to others by telephone or face-to-face and how we prefer messages to be organized. For example, some people prefer to listen in outline form, while others like speakers who include interesting stories and examples.
  • Most individuals prefer certain locations for listening. Some of us listen best when in comfortable surroundings, and others listen best in more formal settings
  • Based on our energy cycles, we have unconscious preferences about when it is best to receive information.  Some of us are morning people, while others are better listeners in the afternoon or evening.
  • Listeners also have likes and dislikes about the types of information they most like to listen to.  While some listeners find it easy to listen to technical data, others may find it too dry or boring.
  • There is no one best way to listen.  As participants read about their own preferences, ask them to try not  to label listener preferences as good or bad.  Each preference has characteristics that can be both positive and negative when taken to extremes.

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