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Party with a Purpose!

party with a purposeThis is the season for last minute shopping, gift-giving, holiday preparations and parties. As we walk, jog or run to complete last minute gift-giving and holiday preparations, most of us take our mobility for granted. Yet in many parts of the world, and even in the United States, children and adults find it difficult to walk because their feet are infected by jiggers. These tiny sand fleas enter bare feet and left untreated, lead to infection, paralysis and even amputation.

Sole Hope, the newest nonprofit organization featured on our Innolect Paying it Forward page, has a mission to offer HOPE for healthier lives and freedom from foot-related diseases. They have designed a way to host a different kind of party this year: A Shoe Cutting Party.

To combin12 - shoe cuttinge their desire to support a worthy cause with a team building activity, Hector Badillo and his marketing team at Zoetis hosted a Shoe Cutting Event. Employees worked side-by-side tracing shapes and cutting patterns from old blue jeans into shoe components. These components were then packaged to send for indigenous workers to assemble into shoes for children in developing countries. Sole Hope’s approach helps children avoid painful disease, teaches men and women a simple trade–how to make shoes — and provides education about how to eradicate jiggers. Their mission is to offer Hope for healthier lives and freedom from foot-related diseases, through education, jobs and medical relief.

Please join us this holiday season by supporting a nonprofit organization of your choice. Every little bit helps. And, in the spirit of appreciation, giving back and making a difference, consider giving a party or organizing a team-building event that makes a difference in 2014. If you need recommendations, we can help.

We wish you blessings for a season of hope, peace, good health and goodwill…