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Pay It Forward: Give It All You Know

When you think about “paying it forward,” you probably think about donating money and time. There is a third and equally important way that great leaders pay it forward: they share their knowledge and experience with the next generation. Whether passing along the lessons you’ve learned through mentorships, informal conversations or guest lectures, you have a lot to offer tomorrow’s leaders. 

Years of education and experience combine to make each of us who we are. In the course of your development journey, you’ve likely had career- and life-altering incidents that helped you grow and become a better leader. Why not share those lessons learned (and their resulting benefits) with others? 

We all benefit from others’ stories and mistakes. While our lives are as different from each other as our appearances, backgrounds and personalities, we do all want to succeed. Therefore, even though others are unlikely to share your identical experiences, the lessons they learn from you may still prove invaluable.

It’s a gift for you to pass along what you’ve learned and the benefits you’ve reaped from difficult situations. Also include lessons learned from great leaders in your past. Through this act of paying it forward, you will not only share your knowledge but also encourage the next generation of leaders to re-examine their current challenges and convert them into opportunities.


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