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Paying it Forward

Pay it forwardThe bombing in Boston moved many of us to ponder how best to reach out and support those affected. Some people sent prayers while others reached out with cards, emails and donations. Individuals and organizations across the country responded with generosity. One story from the intensive care unit (ICU) nursing team at the Carolinas Medical Center in Charlotte, NC touched our hearts.

Understanding the intensity their ICU counterparts at Mass General Hospital faced while providing medical care for the victims of this tragedy, the Charlotte team had pizzas delivered to the Boston ICU caregivers. Their generosity started a chain reaction when the Mass General nurses decided to “Pay it Forward.”

After tweeting their heartfelt thanks to members of the Carolinas Healthcare medical team, the nurses in Boston sent lunch and dinner to their ICU colleagues at Hillcrest Baptist Medical Center. This team was treating the more than two dozen victims of the West, TX fertilizer plant explosion. The story doesn’t stop there.

To see how this generosity and caring lives on, watch the story here This story is a reminder of how small acts of kindness create momentum to build more positive workplaces and better the world. As leaders, we have a choice and opportunity to create a culture of generosity and compassion each day. Consider how you might follow the lead of these ICU employees. Ask yourself: What can I do to pay it forward today?

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